Monday 4 August 2014

Ami you are 2

My Darling girl is 2.

It seems like yesterday I was phoning my husband telling him he needed to come home to take me to hospital. He was out having breakfast with some friends and apparently they had to shove him out the door as he was busy putting up a tv! 

 Time sure does fly.

Ami you are such a blessing, you light up our lives with your funny faces and comedic sayings.

Here is your last year through pictures and memorable moments.

13 months
 You got a new pushchair for your birthday and enjoyed being pushed around in it.

14 months
September was lovely and warm and you enjoyed pointing at things especially dog dogs.

15 months
You went to Denmark and flew on a plane for the first time. You also became a big sister and enjoyed having a little baby around even if you did hit him a few times.

16 months
You enjoyed getting ready for Christmas especially seeing all the pretty lights. You enjoyed kissing your little brother ALOT. You learnt the word stuck which you said every time you were on a chair!

17  months
You learnt the work happy bear which you said about everything. You became very bossing often giving pants a good whack if he did not do what you say.

18 months
you started to love going for long walks, even sitting on the floor when you did not want to walk anymore. You love finding shoes and giving them to the right person.

19 Months
You started to notice strangers and often followed dog walkers wanting to see dog dogs. You learned to jump and climb and nothing is out of reach. You also learnt the word no, argh!

20 months
This was funny, you decided that you liked to jump of the ledge even if it resulted in you ending up head first!

21 months
You told daddy of saying naughty daddy at dinner one night it was very funny. Daddy finally persuaded you to support Arnel (Arsenal). Which you proudly told anyone when they talked about football. 

22 months
You started to copy dance moves and loved doing the actions to nursery rhymes. Also finding a love of Frozen and Mr Tumble. You also developed a love of colouring and sticking.

23 months
You love going to the beach even making sandcastles and decorating with pretty shells and seaweed, then knocking them down super quick. You also got asked what you wanted for your birthday which every time was chicken nuggets or chicken burger!

24 months
So here we are our darling girl is now 2.
SO grown up already.
A lover of football, dancing and chocolate.
A girl who knows what she wants.

You really are amazing our Ami  Bear


  1. What a beautiful set of images to commemorate your little girls 2nd year.


  2. Beautiful pictures - a really lovely glimpse into the last year.

  3. It's great to look back and see how quickly they change isn't it. Happy birthday.

  4. Aw, she looks so sweet, and you've caught some great photos of her too. My youngest (also a girl) only turned 2 a couple of months ago - like you, I am amazed by how quickly that time flew by! They grow up so fast ...

  5. Happy Bday Ami! Love your smile... May your smile prevail forever!


  6. She's a gorgeous little girl and her smiley personality really shines through. A big happy birthday :)

  7. Beautiful pictures
    Wishing a very happy 2nd birthday z

  8. Happy 2nd birthday Ami. Such a wonderful age x #magicmoments

  9. Oh these photographs are so adorable!! What a gorgeous little girl she is. My twins are nearly two and I feel the same way x x

  10. I have been reading your blog enough for me to see her grow a bit. She is such a character! Happy 2nd birthday =) #MagicMoments