Sunday 10 August 2014

Siblings - August

One thing I love about summer is days spent playing at the beach. Even though we live a stones throw away we still do not go as much as I would like. Also it has taken my youngest a few trips to like the sand. One day we popped to the beach on a warm afternoon and the kids (well me) made a castle. Pants made the bridges, Ami got the shells and Little bear ate alot of sand. It was a lovely time at the beach, it may have been short but the kids loved it, I loved it. Making memories and loving the seaside what could be more fun.

Ami was over the moon, its not very often that Pants is away from a ball game and wanting to play with her she loved it more for that reason. 

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dear beautiful


  1. Little sandy legs, oh the best kind of fun!x

  2. that looks like a wonderfully intricate castle - and three very very happy siblings - what more could you want!

  3. Ah my kids love playing in sand! I hate it though as it gets stuck everywhere!! x