Friday 8 August 2014

Funny Toddler Chat - 24 months

Ami is at a delightful age and is such a hoot to be with, here is some of the conversations that we have had over the last month.

Mummy: Its your birthday soon how old are you going to be? 
Ami: Nearly two
Mummy: Ami what do you want for your birthday
Ami: Chicken burger
Mummy: Anything Else?
Ami: Chicken Nuggets

Daddy: Who do you love?
Ami: Ami
Daddy: No who do you love?
Ami: Arnel (Arsenal) football kit

This conversation happens at least 20 times everyday
 Ami: Wheres daddy gone?
Mummy: Daddy is working
Ami: Daddy working, Wheres Addy gone?
Mummy: Addy is at school
Ami: Wheres Mummy gone?
Mummy: I am here
Ami: Mummy there, mummy gone now

A lady came to speak to Ami whilst she was in the puchchair unaware she is a girl and not a boy.
Lady: Oh havent you lovely curly hair
Ami: Ami got nails
Lady: Oh nail varnish very boy power
Ami: Lady got nails
 I did not mention she was a girl people tend to get rather embarrassed. 

Ami: Wheres Doggy gone?
Mummy: I do not know, where do you think?
Ami: Dog has gone beach and sleeping.
Mummy: Whats noise does a dog make then?
Ami: Growl woof

Ami: I dont like grandads car?
Grandad: Why not Ami
Ami: I like daddys car
Grandad: We will see Daddy soon
Ami: I dont like it when Grandad talks
Grandad: Oh dear
Ami: Naughty Grandad

 And to finish a few little things she has said alot over the last month

Ami: Whats that noise?
She will repeat it till you give her what she thinks is the correct answer

Ami: Dont like that one
She says this about everything!

She is such a joy


  1. kids do say the funniest of things, I dropped a glass candle holder in front of her and she let out a couple of swear words, when i asked her who taught her them - she said it was peter her imaginary friend! i think we need to rethink the friend situation lol. #familyfriday

    1. ha how funny, my eldest had an imaginary friend he has gone missing lately!

  2. PMSL this is so funny! My little nephew is two and just recently started singing "have I got PPI" I love the little devils they are so funny!


  3. Aww love toddler talk! Monkey is a slightly later talker but at 27 months we are getting somewhere with some really cute little phrases. It's such a lovely age! xx #familyfriday

    1. yes it really is lovely listening to them peice sentences together!

  4. Oh I absolutely love reading about what the little ones say. They are so funny and before I went on vacation I shared {Funny Phrases} about all the funny things Buba comes out with and he is still pouring them out. I love it when they are learning and so literal about it all too. I can't wait for MM to talk and see what kind of conversations they will have together. Too cute. Love this post. Thanks for linking up to Share With Me. I hope to see you again this week for another great round. Remember oldies are still goodies at SWM so if you don't have a new favorite you can always link one from the archive. Just reminding everyone. In case while on summer break they don't have time to write something new. #sharewithme

  5. Love the things my little man has started coming out with too, toddlers are so funny! #FamilyFriday

  6. Aww so cute, and lovely to have it written down so you can show her when she is older!