Friday 15 August 2014

The Great water fight 2014

Every year Minnis bay gets taken over by lots of children with water pistols whilst they wait for a fire engine to come. This is a part of scripture union Holiday club they host a water fight. This years event I have never seen so many people there was at least 1000 people there to enjoy the fun. 

The kids just run round screaming and shooting each other with water pistols as they try and contain the excitement that the fire engine brings. Sadly my eldest would rather play football and I had to force him to get a little wet. My toddler Ami hated it and cried every time someone shot her with a water pistol.

When the fire engines came there was a massive roar and kids ran towards the firemen as they got there hoses out. Really I have never seen such excited firemen, I really think this is one of there highlights, when else do you get to shoot lots of kids with a hose. My sister went over with her super soaker and tried to get the fireman but she got soaked in the process. 

Its such good fun and the firemen came and went three times to fill up and stayed longer to keep on soaking the children. We got really wet but thankfully was a warm day so it didnt really matter we dried in no time. Hopefully Ami will enjoy it more in a few years time.

Ami not impressed about the water fight


  1. You look very, very satisfied at having been soaked! lol. I wish we had something similar here in Chelmsford. I'd love to take part in a massive water fight like that. Thanks for taking part! #FamilyFriday

  2. That looks so much fun! My son would love this, and as I have a bit of a thing for firemen, I guess I would too...


  3. How fantastic! What a lot of fun!!

  4. What a great event. My kids would love it. You look positively glowing in the last photo :-) #familyfriday

  5. How did you manage to save your camera from getting water-logged? Great photos of a smashing day. #pocolo

  6. That looks so much fun! :D #familyfriday