Wednesday, 15 May 2013

The Gallery - New

When i saw the theme New i was a little stuck, what would i write about new stuff, new day, new life? I suppose each day brings new experiences and new things, good and bad! When you have children there are alot of new experiences from being a first time parent realising you cant just go out on your own to your child at schools first assembly, all new experiences all bring alot emotions you didnt expect but all exciting all the same!!  our newest thing is coping with a moving baby, poor Pants has had to move everything our of reach, he cant leave lego or his ipod out anymore! Ami who loves this freedom doesnt stop and is into everything and i mean everything. This feels new although i have been through this before when pants was a baby but its still new! also trying to capture a photo of a moving baby has become difficult so here is a few of my attempts of a newish photographer hee hee!


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  1. They are excellent - hope you're having fun with your camera. Its my latest new hobby too!

    1. Trying to the days my husband forgets to take it to work!!! x

  2. Love your photos! Your pups are so cute! I'm a bit snappy happy myself! haha x

  3. Great photos, the bottom one is my fave, so cute!

  4. Love the bootom shot best it looks like Ami is celebrating her new found freedom!