Sunday 12 May 2013

Blossom Walk

Since Pants was small we would go for a walk when the blossom came on the trees, a road near us is linned with blossom trees so beautiful! This road was on our walk to nursery so me and Pants would be late every day as we would shake the trees and Pants would pretend he was at a wedding! So to keep up with the tradition me and just pants went for a walk to shake the trees! Although i had a bat so hit the trees which did earn me a beep from a car! but it was nice to keep up with our traditions just the two of us, hardly ever happens! Must make more time for the two of us although he must miss it he didnt stop talking!

We finished to walk of with me throwing a ball for him to practice his bat hitting skills (hence why i had the bat, im not a thug!!) Good times!! took the camera as broke my phone Pants is at the age where he hates photos! shame hes got such a trigger happy mama!!

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  1. I do love blossom. Just so beautiful. A lovely post. :-)

  2. Oh lovely pics! My wee man is a bit confused by the blossoms falling off the trees...he kept saying oh no! We have not tried shaking any yet so might give that a go! We are at blowing dandelions at the minute!