Sunday 5 May 2013

So the cats out the bag! baby number 3

In case you didnt see our Silent Sunday post earlier today the news is we are in fact expecting baby number 3!! A bit shock its taken 7 weeks to finally kick in! but yes im going to be a mum of 3!!! So here i am 13 weeks pregnant thinking what we going to do! i know were going to be fine we always are but well you see in the next coming months whats in store for us!

So another baby means the age gap between Ami and the new baby will be 15 months dont know if thats a good or a bad thing! People have given me mixed reviews on it so far, weather its a good thing or a bad thing. i guess we will see , we have been blessed in the fact that Ami is very chilled out so thats always a bonus. its crazy how quick it goes so will be nice to have a baby around that doesnt move or desperate to get into everything!

anyway my husband is very pleased he wants 4 children! hes hoping for another girl (he says i breed mad boys) bit harsh. im not fussed we have one of each so what ever comes im happy (i secretly would love a little boy) although we have tons of baby girl clothes so that would be handy!

but we are blessed all children are a blessing! Good times!!

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