Sunday 12 May 2013

Im going to make a tee pee tent!!!!

Ok im not a tight person i just dont like paying loads of money for something i can do myself or even get cheaper elsewhere! This doesn't always work in my favour I can tell you countless times ive opted for the cheaper/ make it my self option and its failed! I made a door stop filled it with sand and spent weeks hoovering up sand lol! Oh dear but this time im not going to fail! I want to make a Tee Pee tent for my little Lindabear! I saw some on ebay but thought yes i can make my own! Im hoping my good friend Franbo will help me (thats a hint if your reading) she is awesome at all craft, at Christmas she made all her own presents including a pair of pjs.

Anyway i was looking online an have had some inspiration to make my own!!! Im good at the ideas but when it comes to the actual doing i often start the job but never finish it! This is different Ami is going to be 1 in 2 and a half months so need to get a move on lol! reading through some blogs i found there is plenty of different ways to make a teepee all involving broom sticks and fabric!

Although this teepee requires no sewing could be a good idea not overly good on a sewing machine! i will let you know how the progress goes weather i cave and buy one from ebay! time will tell!

Im hoping its going to look like this!!

But knowing me this is what is will end up as! 

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