Monday 6 May 2013

Days with the Family

Sometimes our Sundays are so busy, we end up doing one thing after the other and before we know it the kids are asleep and were left thinking where has the day gone! Also my husband has been busy working/ watching football for the last six sundays, it was nice to have him around! So after a busy morning at church we were unsure of what to do, the sun was shinning and neither of us wanted to go home ( mainly because we had done the food shopping and that would involve putting it away). After driving around we decided to walk along Broadstairs prom.

The sun was so nice and everyone just seemed happy because of that, all Pants wanted to do is go to the arcades or on the beach. So the beach won it was a little chilly on the beach but still pleasant. Ami enjoyed being on the sand it was more dry so it slipped through her fingers less chance for her to eat so much! she loved us burring her feet and like her mum and brother we love being on the beach! My husband even enjoyed it and he even took his shoes of (hes not from round the coast so not so much a lover of sand). It was one of those afternoons where your happy just to relax and enjoy time together! no play stations or ipods in sight! its these kind of afternoons that make my heart happy and realised how blessed we are! My husband was also pleased as he got a lager shandy (he is too cool). after a bot of beach football it was time for home. looking forward to many more days like this!

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This photo made me laugh, Ami eating sand Pants getting sand everywhere!


  1. looks like you all had a lovely time, its so nice to finally have some sunshine xx

  2. awww this is so lovely Sara, i love days like this too! i love the last picture best too! lol

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