Monday 13 May 2013

My nanna G

There is some people in life you meet and you know they will make a lasting impression. My Nanna G was one of them originally from Stratford upon Avon she had a posh tone to her voice and you would never catch her swear (thats a lie she once called Camilla a bitch). My nanna passed away 3 years ago and we all still miss her loads and loads. My mum was her main career and saw her every day me and Aston would join her some days she was always such a hoot. Even writing this and she has been gone three years its still hard the memories are still fresh. When i fell pregnant with Aston as a teenager she was hopeful for me and told me people wont be as ban when he was born. That was true, she had a bond with Pants they would play, tease each other and Pants loved Nanna G dearly.

 My memory today is from my Nannas 90th birthday, she didnt want to do much as found it hard with decreased mobility to get places then there was the faff of needing toilet so we sat out side her little bungalow with her neighbours and the people she loved. She was so pleased to be outside and celebrating she always said now the time goes back and the next year she would be 89! It was lovely and one of the last memories of her before she was poorly and passed away. Both my mum and sisters still miss her, we often laugh about the different tales we have about her.Cant write anymore tears are coming, I remember the last thing she said about me before she died was "shes very happy" how true she was!


  1. awww thats a heartbreakingly #magicalmoments post i am so touched i am in tears honey x

    Thanks so much for linking up with #magicmoments

    P.s sending massive hugs x

  2. aww sounds like a lovely magical moment and lovely that your last memories of her were happy and a moment that will stay with you forever xxxx

    returning the love from looking forward to reading more of your blog xx

  3. Awww bless you. It's strange i was thinking of doing a similar post for my first magic moments but couldn't because of the tears! We should count our blessings that our grandparents were still around to know our kids. sending you hugs

    1. Thanks yes i didnt think much when i started typing by the end i was sobbing ha was nice to remember :)