Monday 1 February 2016

Our Week of Photographs - 25th - 31st January

Here is yet another week that has just flown by, can you believe we are now in February. I am not complaining I have never been a lover of the winter. 

Monday 25th January - Whitstable Castle

We ventured to Whistable Castle to explore the surroundings, my friend said there was a cool soft play area that we should check out. It was rather manic and the kids were all a bit feral but nice to get out of the house for a few hours. 

Tuesday 26th January - Toddler Groups

We ventured to a new toddler group which the children loved, we haven't been to one for some time since I work the days that our favourites were on. We may even go back one day lets not be hasty. Ideally I would like one that does more arts and crafts so I don't fell so guilty about not doing much at home. 

Wednesday 27th January - Frances and Rich

We saw our good friend Frances who  came round to tell us the good news that she was engaged. Very exciting she moved to Ireland a few years back so real nice to see her when she comes back for a visit ( her fiancĂ© is here too). She is a fellow nurse well now midwife so often was a good friend to chat medical stuff and actually understand what and why I was moaning about it. Really missed her when she moved too we would watch all our favourite TV programs together and chat random rubbish. 

Thursday 28th January - Coffee Violation

At work my poor coffee cup got attacked by tape, you would think I would make a fresh one rather than this one I had been drinking for hours. Busy day as per usual at work. We did a have a good laugh and I really love days like that, its a relief to come home with a smile on your face rather than be short and snappy because you have had a stress day.

Friday 29th - School Blues

Another day another phone call from the head teacher, I posted this photo just to show some moral support for my eldest who seems to be having a tough time at school. Hoping he sorts it all out soon and with the help of the school we can work something out soon. Other than that I was at work all day exciting life aye. 

Saturday 30th - Broadstairs

My hubby picked me up from work and we popped with the toddlers to Broadstairs to just go for a walk and get an Ice cream. We spent a small fortune in the arcades and I even got told of for bashing the 2p machines, silly machines spent about £5 to win Ami a silly cheap toy. She still wasn't pleased she just wanted an ice cream. We popped into Morellis and had an ice cream, the toddlers had manilla  as they call it. Was lovely actually to do something on an Saturday as my husband is usually at football. 

Sunday 31st - Swimming again

You guessed it we went swimming again to wet an wild, our local swimming pool holds an hour of swimming with inflatables the kids love it. It was a quick turn around as I was working a 3-8pm shift so went to work smelling of swimming pools. The day just went by so quick what with church then swimming then work. Good day though the kids love swimming, we don't take them as often as we can. Its the changing rooms after swimming that I hate its so grim. 

So here we are another week of exciting fun from us. rather average family I suppose. My exciting tales from work and motherhood.... 


  1. What a busy week! I wish we lived by the coast, I miss the sound of waves.

    Thanks for linking up with Point + Shoot x

  2. Gorgeous photos. I personally love the one at the end! Such a cute family you guys have. Thanks so much for linking up with #MMWBH