Thursday 17 July 2014

Little Bear is 8 months

Little Bear is 8 Months
Its very scary how quick time goes by, 
I nearly cant remember that little newborn baby from only a few months ago.  
This has been an exciting month for Little Bear who is growing up so fast. 

This month you have learnt to crawl back wards.
Which has caused you to be so frustrated. 
You have been so cross but after a few weeks you finally learnt to go forwards.
Everyday you go a little bit faster. 
It is so cute you look to small to be crawling.

You have also learnt to pull your self up on anything you can.
Nothing brings you more joy than the satisfaction of standing.
You laugh your head of and you are so proud 
you are like your siblings.

You have been sleeping well lately and even managed a hour and a half nap the other day.
I was amazed you have never slept that long in the day. 
You wake every morning at 6 but some mornings go back to sleep. 
You love a muzzy when you fall asleep.

You have learnt to wave and hit things to make a noise.
You can even clap and love it even more when mummy does it for you. 
You love to be thrown around by your daddy and have the best laugh.
Everything Ami has you want especially food.
If you see someone eating you want it. 

You eat well and like more foods that are not fruity.
You like to help your self and love yogurts. 
We even caught you eating a slice of pizza you pinched of a plate at a party,
you managed to eat half of it which is impressive as you have no teeth. 

Another month down the lane. 
Two more months before starting nursery. 
This makes me very sad.

We love you lots little Bear   


  1. So adorable! Love the way you describe him as well. He is so cute and you better not blink cuz kids really grow so fast =) #pocolo