Friday 4 July 2014

Amelie you are 23 months and Funny toddler chat

My darling girl is 23 months 
One last month of being one
The time is flying by
 every day I am amazed how clever and smart you are

You love to have all the attention and love to see people laugh
You love frozen and demand it every morning
You love to sing let it go and snowman
You love to copy dance moves and really make us smile

You are fiercely independent and wont let anybody help you
You have to feed yourself weather its really difficult you give it a go
Thats who you are, desperately trying to be a 7 year old
A lady was so impressed with your development she likened you to a 4 year old
You sure do make us so proud

You have had 4 new teeth this month 
which has meant you waking in the night and being unsettled 
you have been really good teething we hardly know till we see new teeth
May need to dress you more pink 
people keep on commenting "what lovely curls he has" 
always more embarrassing for them 

We went camping this month and you were such a star
you slept well and retored our faith in camping with a toddler
you even had your first sleepover at Nanna's
You were so well behaved and you all loved it

Here is some of the conversations from the last month

Ami: Make Ami a Smoothie
Mummy: but you do not like it
Ami: Make Ami smootie
Mummy: Here you go
Ami: Dont like it

Ami: Ami watch special peppy pig frozen
Ami found frozen dvd 
Ami: hello film watch let it go

Ami loves ice lollies so much we have had to lock the freezer to stop her going in. 
Ami: Ice lolly, I love it

Mummy: Who we going to see today
Ami: Ami see Noah, Caleb, Milly, person (Sebastian) and japer
Mummy: We are going to get Pants from school
Ami: Adi (Pants) in school, Park Adi play football, Ami get Icelolly at home

Daddy: Who do you love
Ami: Ami love football
Daddy: What football team do you support?
Ami: Ami supor Arneal (Arsenal) pause Liverpool
Daddy: nooo
Ami: Sorry daddy

So here we are a little insight into the last month, and here we go into the next month my last month with two under 2.

Ami we love you lots, and thank you for always being a little shining star.


  1. This is so adorable! The photos are beautiful. The conversations made me laugh! My twins are 21 months and so approaching this too. I think I will cry! x

  2. So adorable! The photos are beautiful!!! xxx

  3. Love the conversations, especially the smoothie one. Bet it's happened more than once too :)

  4. Great post - I love some of the conversations you're having! Thanks for linking up - #FamilyFriday

    1. thanks yes they get better everyday she is speaking so well

  5. This is so cute :-) Such a great idea to record the sweet funny conversations, I wish I had done with my three. #FamilyFriday

    1. yes i only realised when our laptop was stolen with my eldest on some cute videos

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  6. Awww shes going to be 2 soon! Always nice to read updates like this as these reminds me of my son as well. I weren't able to chronicle his developments like this. #pocolo

  7. Those little conversations are hilarious! Kids! You gotta love em! :-)

  8. Lovely update! Gorgeous photos too :) (My little man gets confused for a girl because of his curls - even when he's wearing blue!) #FamilyFriday