Monday 7 July 2014

homework - am i a bad mum

As a mum I want my child to thrive and do well but quite frankly I am terrible at helping pants with his homework. I start the term with high hopes books are read and signed drawings are done and online actives achieved. Give me a few weeks and I am looking in the book bag getting Pants to draw his homework at 8:50am in the morning.

Whats wrong with me?

Why every time?

Secretly I blame my mother for not pushing me with my homework as a child, I was left to do it at my free will as a result never did. Which then meant I spent the whole time through University sitting in the library up till the last few mins of deadline day frantically cursing at that Harvard referencing system ( I never copied references out of articles it was done good and proper..). Although for those reading this and studying there is websites that do it all for you.

alot of effort and attacked by a toddler
Its not really my mums fault I am so unorganised and all over the place that I just do not remember. Most of the time it is pointless my sons homework is called love to learn where he gets a topic and decides what to do for it as a result he does minimal. The writing in the book is inconsistent as if a parent has pretended to be a child to complete who would do that? Its only been the last few years Ive managed to get him to sit at a table for longer than a few mins during reception when I had just the one child I used to try and get him to stay still to draw lovely pictures in the space of 2 mins. Now 2 years later 2 babies later if the toddler hasn't got hold of it and drawn all over it I am doing a good job.

Done before school oh dear!
One day I may be organised especially as he goes into key stage 2 where they have more homework that's not just once a month and more than a silly drawing or few sentences about leaves. Although there will be alot more dressing up days too and models at home oh dear someone send me chocolate and washi tape in preparation.


  1. If he isn't even key stage 2 yet I wouldn't worry about homework too much, He's still young and IMO there is too much pressure on kids to achieve as it is these days :) Don't beat yourself up about it :)

  2. In my country I grew up with homeworks. We have some every night and we need to finish it the next day. Our teacher would get mad at us and would punish us if we dont do them. So I have to sit by myself and really do them and as I have so much in elementary and high school I got so lazy in the university. My husband said its different here. SO that's nice. I dont want my son to be scared of school as I was before. #mmwbh

  3. Homework is a bit of a dirty work in our house! My teen doesn't want to do any so it's always a struggle and my 8 year old always drags her heels so it is a tough one. It's finding a way to get them do it, when I find it I will let you know!! #MMWBH