Friday 11 July 2014

Arbonne baby Products - Review

When you have a baby you only want the best for you little ones. Every baby item is cross examined and inspected before deeming good use for you little baby. My eldest two suffer with skin problems such as eczema so I am always concerned about what I out on their skin. We recently were sent some baby samples of Arbonnes baby ABC products to try with little bear and even Ami who can not resist a cream.
The pack included four different creams hair and body wash, nappy cream, sun cream and body lotion. Both the baby and toddler have been teething so we have been using creams like they are going out of fashion. The nappy cream was the first to be used and worked a treat for Little bear but not so good for Ami. 

The great thing about Arbonne is that it is committed to the development of unparalleled products free of harmful ingredients, it uses a range of botanical principles and scientific discovery. They are vegan certified and never tested on animals.

The baby hair wash is very gentle and is tear free, it helps to replace the body's skins natural oils and not only cleans but moisturises and conditions. The lotion has been designed for delicate skin and worked by soothing and softening the skin. It smells beautiful and is absorbed into the skin easily. The sun cream is SPF 30 which is a bit disappointing as most are 50 plus for that reason I used it just on the toddler. It is full of antioxidants vit A, C and E.

The ABC Range retail from £13 each and the full set costs £69 here are some of the pros and cons we found about the baby care range.

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