Friday 9 May 2014

Love the little things: Week 1

This week I have decided to take part in this linky, just so you may get an insight into me and not just my kids. Also I absolutely love finding joy in little things in life, I find if you appreciate the little things the big things will be so much better.


People who know me may be a little shocked to know that I love Home magazines, I love looking in peoples houses, housing programs and especially the magazines. I love to look at how people have styled there houses and weather its a Chevron or a floral pattern I just love it. I think I am waiting to one day be a feature in one of these magazines although I think its impossible with my destructive children nothing much seems to stay nice. Style at home is my little monthly treat I love to fold down the pages and one day hope to have enough time to complete a restoration project one day!


So this week I have jumped on the band wagon and finally brought Frozen on dvd and to say I am hooked is a bit of an understatement. Ive even managed to get my 7 year old son to be interested in it and that is saying alot. I also have watched embarrassing bodies I do love that show with all the weirdness and the people who are too "embarrassed" to go to the doctors but show there private parts on tv! 


So after 4 years no glasses I have finally gone back and got some more, yes I look very cleaver now dont I! Suddenly the world looks sharp again!


There is an awesome church in America called Bethel and they have some awsome worship I really like it, well my husband came home and played this and we have listened to it alot, also dancing around being silly. 

Also listened to Happy over and over again as demanded by the toddler!


I haven't made much this week, except dinners but they have been nothing exciting. Just normal family dinnners me trying  to force as much veggies down the kids and them not eating them! how can a 7 year old go from loving carrots to hating them the next day very cray cray (yes im down wiv the youth)

Everything Else

Life is funny at the moment from being knee deep in nappies to loving life. I am halfway in my maternity leave so another 5 months left is going to go by so quick. I am grateful for the small blessings in my life (especially the glass of Rose im drinking as I write this) my youngest has been tough but with that he has the best smile and cutest laugh! 


  1. I lobve home magazines too! Well I actually love all magazines =P But I can only get one in a month as iyts not in the budget! Lobve your glasses made me remember I need to see specsavers again soon =) Nice to have stumbled upon your blog =) #pocolo

  2. Love the glasses! I desperately need a new pair but I find choosing a pair of glasses that suit me so hard I put off going!
    I feel like one of the only people left in the country who hasn't seen Frozen, must make an effort to wat ch it soon! #littleloves

  3. I love your glasses - they really suit you :) I too love home and style magazines although blogging means I never find the time to read them - I just read blogs instead! Thank you for linking to PoCoLo :) x