Wednesday 14 May 2014

H&A Bath time buddies

Warning this post contains a very catchy song you will be singing for days! H&A have a new song called bath time buddies a song for the bath or like us all the time even catching my hubby singing it washing up!

Bath time is a big hit in our house, the kids love splashing and causing alot of mess, they love playing and being creative. There is no screens no tv just a place to offer some imagination with no distractions. Our bath is no getting crowded with 3 children but they all seem to enjoy it so it saves on the money with the three in one. 

We were sent some lovely bath time buddies toys for the kids to play with my eldest son absolutely went crazy for the mouldable soap. He enjoyed it as he could use as much as he wanted kind of like using aftershave but it smelled not so manly. He even made hats for the ducks we were sent also.

We were also sent some letters that can be stuck on the side of the bath, great for all ages really I kept on finding messages from my hubby nothing romantic though just things like "have a wash" he sure is a joker. The children loved all the new bath toys it was great to mix up bath time, can get a bit tedious when its the same every day.

So here it is the new bathtime buddies song containing my three little babies playing in the bath, watch out for the bit at the end it is super cute!

Dont forget on the 15th at 1pm H&A and tots100 are holding a twitter party to talk about bathtime and all the songs and games. Join in should be fun and a chance to share and get some tips on bathtime with children.

Disclaimer: We were sent the bathtime toys to review as part of our role as being a bath time ambassador. 


  1. Lovely pictures that even they won't be embarassed at seeing later on!! It was always one of the best times of the day in our household too!

    Just calling in as a fellow guest in the Blog Hop this week-end hosted by Laura Huggins

  2. We already have the foam letters in this house and have lots of fun with them! I think I will add the mouldable soap to our to buy list.

    Thank you for linking up with the Weekend Blog Hop

    Laura x x x

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