Tuesday 27 May 2014

I do love a good video (made by the hubby)

One thing me and my husband have in common is our love for videos and pictures. Ever since I was a child I wanted a camera we got given one and me and my sister made the most corny films, including big brother and random things about baddies. So it was only inevitable that I would end up marrying someone that shares that passion. I love to watch his videos, below is his latest he made which was shown at a festival where there was thousands of people there. Ami loved it as she was on it and asked for it to be shown again (we watch it loads as Pants is also in it too). I am thinking of filming more videos of the kids, nothing beats a little video of the kids, we were devastated when his bag got stolen with all videos of the kids on.

I am thinking of making some videos for the blog and for us, although I am unsure I am not a professional, I dont understand things on the camera but have made a few little videos on little old windows movies maker and enjoyed it. Me and my hubby can sit side by side editing videos... maybe not. I do not have enough time some normal blogging stuff let alone making videos we will see.

So here is the latest videos starting two of my monkeys see if you can spot them!

Does Your Neighbour Know Your Name from Global Generation Church on Vime

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