Monday 5 May 2014

Difference between a 1st time mum and a 3rd time mum

I have now had three children and kind of have a idea about children (somedays none at all), I have noticed the difference in my parenting skills now and when my first son was born. I am no longer fascinated by black and white for my baby (actually never with my first) or what they are doing when and where. So here is some things Ive noticed in my parenting that has relaxed maybe a little too much. Some are examples and may or not be how I have done things but most are me.


First baby: With your first baby protecting the babies dummy is important, carrying round a travel milton dummy sterile dummy thing is a must have.

Third baby: As a third time mum after searching every toybox, sock drawer or anywhere else another child may hide a dummy, you find one give it a suck then give it to the baby.


First baby: The first baby you know how old they are in weeks, you attend the baby clinic to get them weighed. You know when they should achieve milestones and when they should go through a growth spurt.

Third baby: When it comes to the third baby you know when they were born and roughly how many months they are. They get weighed when a HV turns up unannounced as you've missed all the calls. You know when they should do important things but that baby book has been left un touched.


First baby: The first baby has a selection of baby toys, different ones to educate your little baby, different colours for learning and development.

Third baby: By the time the third baby comes the baby has a handful of baby toys that have survived the cull of charity shop donations and boot fairs. You find out the babies favorite toys are the older children favorite toys and of course the dont play with them when elder child is in school.


First baby: Nappy is changed every few hours, baby is given a baby massage every evening and has a good selection of creams.

Third baby: Nappy gets changed when you can smell, they have had a poo or it has leaked through


First baby:When you have had your first baby suddenly you are the wealth of baby knowledge your life has been turned around and you know have learnt everything there is to know about babies. You love to give advice to anyone even if they already know it or asked for it.

Third baby: By the time the third baby comes you are just glad to talk to someone other than a toddler all day you will talk about anything, you have learnt all children are different and to trust your instincts.


First baby: Is poorly and you have taken there temp alot has a cough and given medication every 4 hours, means a trip to the doctors or a trip to A&E. 

Third baby: Give regular medicine and only go to the doctors if someone suggests that your child is ill enough, you still don't go unless child is really unwell. Baby is also always ill due to older siblings always passing nasty germs to the baby


First baby: You know every milestone, praise all development and love it when they start crawling

Third baby: You try not to encourage movement and wonder if it is suitable to tape child to a floor so they don't move and cause more havoc. When 3rd baby starts moving it will be hard to know which child to follow when you are out.


First Baby: all clothes are washed and all new, you have been inundated with lots of new gifts for the baby and the baby is always wearing matching clothes

Third baby; you take delight when given clothes from friends as otherwise pink will be fine for a boy. People don't give much gifts assuming you dont need it as you already have it.  You put your child in anything even if it doesn't go.

So here we are some differences between the first and third baby, I have actually always been laid back with my parenting. What differences have you found when you have had another baby? 


  1. Gave me a giggle but so so true all the same!!!!! Esp the nappy one ha ha

    1. Ha I did this today with sun bear not ami though she tiddles so much

  2. This did make me chuckle! Love the section on development. Fab post showing the honest journey of parenting! #sharewithme

  3. Love this! As a first time mum i can relate to all of the first time baby things!! I'll be interested to see how I change when we have more babies :) x

    1. yes its funny although I think i have been more relaxed than some other mums i know.

  4. Very true. I think my poor third child was dragged up. Luckily for him, being a boy with two older sisters, he ended up with a lot of new clothes, but everything else was third generation.

    1. ha yes its a novelty new clothes for them really!

  5. This is the best post ever! Love it. So true. I only have two but I was the same with the first in all of these and then the second was like your third. And I am sure I would back off more if I had another one too. So funny that this happens. Wish I could have been how I am with my second with my first in terms of not stressing and less anxiety about the small stuff but I was always worried about something now I am never worried about it. lol Love this post. Thank you so much for linking up to Share With Me. #sharewithme

    1. my sister had post natal depression and was over anxious with her first think that sent me the other way i was far too and still am so laid back. thanks for hosting

  6. Lucas says - he he - I like the bit about taping a child to the floor - it made me giggle. That's a good way of trapping someone. Do you think it could work on the Mother? #sharewithme

  7. Love this post. It really made me giggle. Only have one little big person myself but could certainly see myself like this. Great post :) #sharewithme