Tuesday 6 May 2014

Ami you are 21 months

Ami your 21 months
you are more and more a little girl every day
you are so independent and growing up so much
you are so happy and light up everyone's day

You speak alot often mimicking your brother
when Pants gets told of you tell him he is naughty
or tell anyone they are being naughty
Daddy loves it as you now say sorry in the cutest way it is impossible for anyone to be mad at you 

your favorite thing this month has been football
everybody you know supports arnel (Arsenal) according to you
you get cross when Pants takes the ball of you
and love to kick the ball as hard as you can.

You have been loving watching something special
the only this we have found to keep you still for five mins
you love to climb and often found trying to get to Pants loft bed
You have been loving the beach and digging in the sand
you fell in the water and got scared now do not go near the water

You love to explore and love playing at the park
you get very cross if we dont go to the park after school
wear you love to climb the skate ramps
you enjoyed going on holiday and swimming 
you loved dancing and singing you even went in a little creche 
you came back and were a little poorly

So another month closer to 2 
its going scary quick 
my little girl 
we love you very much


  1. A beautiful post. My son is 20 months, and I cannot believe how quickly he's developing and growing. Yes, nearly two - how's that happened?!

    1. I know its scary isnt it :( 2 is so much more older than 1!

  2. She's gorgeous! Lovely pics. I can see she has a lively personalty. How wonderful. Best wishes to you all.

  3. What a gorgeous post and she looks like such a cheeky little character! That photo of her crawling through the tunnel is amazing!! Thanks so much for sharing #MMWBH x