Sunday 18 May 2014

Mornings made easier with Belvita biscuits!

In our house mornings depending on what is going on can be busy so here is a typical morning in our house.

8:30am: Everyone wakes up refreshed after lots of sleep, everyone gets up and dressed eats breakfast nicely and leaves on time.....

Only joking if only that's the dream mornings are more like this.

5:30am: Little bear wakes up mum/dad stumbles over to the cot feed the baby and hope he will go back to sleep, he doesn't then its a competition who will get up with the baby, discussions of who deserves that extra two hours in bed go down "Ive been up in the night" "Ive a sore nose" all that jazz.

6:00am: The unlucky parent who's turn it is to get up falls asleep for a second and baby gets cross and cries and that wakes toddler. Even though you have tried your best to be quiet shouts of "Mum Mum Mum awake milk" are too loud and if your that tired the shouts turn to screams. Try and give her some milk and if dad gets up wedges iphone with Peppa pig above the cot to get a extra 20 mins in bed.

6:10am: All the attempts for more sleep have failed and your then up with a toddler who is demanding something special. Its put on then you manage a extra 10 mins to wake up and make a cuppa.

7:00am: You have fallen asleep on the sofa and toddler has gone to wake eldest up by climbing his loft bed ladder and jumping on him. He wakes and tries to keep her safe by pinning her down and shouting for a parent to save him.

7:30am: A big fight starts as Ami and Pants fight over what to watch, Pants tries to change the channel and looses to a 1 year old.

7:45am: Breakfast time and cereal and toast is flying out the kitchen. Ami wants mummy cereal but doesn't like it so ends up chucking it on the floor.

8:00am: Time to sort clothes and change nappies this means prodding 7 year old to get dressed and have a wash, chase 1 year old and dress the baby.

8:30am: Running late time to have a quick tea and some Belvita biscuits whilst attempting to put make up on whilst doing hair.

8:35am: Quickly brush everyone's teeth and leave for school (rarely leave on time!)

So here is a typical morning in our house I tend to overestimate the time and think I have alot and before I know it I am rushing trying to get everything together for the day. We were sent some belvita biscuits which have meant I have managed to have something to eat when on the go and the great thing is that they are slow releasing so I have more energy for a few hours. The kids loved the biscuits favorites being the milk and cereal flavor in our house. Often found they could hear me rustling and came sniffing. My only critique is that the packet isn't eat to open often resulting in a broken biscuit. Here is some of my morning tips to help in the morning.

  • make sure everything is ready the night before including uniforms, outfits and packed lunches
  • Plan to leave 10 mins before you mean to so if your late it doesn't notice
  • Dont let the toddler near the sudocream goes everywhere and causes delay

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  1. Fab tips! Goodness mornings can be challenging for us parents. Commenting for myself and on behalf of BritMums and thanking you for taking part