Tuesday 5 January 2016

My favourite posts of 2015

I wrote around 300 posts last year some random and some really important to me. Here is a collection of some of my personal faves and the reason why. It is funny because when you write them you do not know what kind of response you are going to get, will someone read it. Especially when it is close to heart. I enjoyed writing more funny posts last year and plan to expand this year, I have a very dry sense of humour people do not always find me funny ( well not as much as I find my self that is).

I wrote this post after observing some of the Mums at my sons school. It was quite funny to see the way they stood in little packs. Obviusly this is an exaggeration (just in case someone is reading and they want to duff me up in the car park). 

This post remains to this day my most read post. I ended up doing a little series it seems everyone else shares the hatred for soft play. Well I do not hate it so much the kids let me sit down for about 2 minutes to gulp down my tea. 

I love taking our family photo each month, sadly the rest of the fan take some persuading each month. Here is a collection of all of our years photos. Its wonderful to look back on and see how much the little ones have grown up. 

This was seriously the best holiday perfect mix of sun and food. Would love to go back this summer the kids absolutely loved it and so did us adults. Ami still talks about it to this day. Looking back it seems so long ago. Time to plan a new holiday me thinks.

A personal post about my eldest boy, I remember putting him to bed and thinking when did I last give him a cuddle. Its funny I could say the same now, obviously now I he thinks I carry some kind of mum virus and won't let me cuddle him but one day when he is off guard. 

Me writing about becoming a young mum, a very personal vulnerable post. Ive been a mum for nearly ten years its been a fun ride at times but one I know no adult life different. 

I for one love these kind of posts maybe because when I am older it will remind me of the times with my little children. Days out and adventures is my most favourite things to write about. I love taking pictures of the kids and sharing them on t

Just a buzz feed type post but thought I would end there maybe because you may as well look through my posts and read them.  It can be a hard read at times my grammar is somewhat improving but still sentence structures don't always make sense blame my dyslexic brain for that one. I am after nearly three years of blogging not ending the sentences with an! 

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