Monday 4 January 2016

Teletubbies Toy Delivery

I remember as a child or maybe even a teenager me and my sister being excited about a new program on the tv. A funny program with these colourful characters (hey not that kind of colourful). We were actually rather sad and loved it a little to much as older girls. Then when my first son was born it was still on the tv and he used to love it too. So with that I was excited to see it back on the screen. 

On Christmas Eve I returned home to a massive box with the teletubbies on the side, it took all I had not to open it but it being the day before Christmas I held back. I hid it in the conservatory. ]t. I have found it a little ripped I expect my eldest has wanted to look inside as if it was the toddlers they would have been opened long ago. We aren't to open the box until the 11th then we can share what is in the box. 

So mack sure you come back on the 11th when I can share what is inside!!!

I am well excited its like Christmas all over again...

So for now the box has to go tubby bye bye ( sorry bad joke) 

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