Tuesday 5 May 2015

The Do's and Dont's of Soft Play Area's

If you have ever been to a soft play area as a child or with your child you will know they are a place where time stands still. Minutes seem to last ages and you want to make your money's worth but going up and down the same slide 150 times in a row is enough for the hard core mums and dads. So here's is a little list of do's and dont's when it comes to soft play areas.

Do get your self a nice hot tea.
Don't be prepared to drink it as your child wants you by there side the whole time

Do remember socks bonus for matching pair.
Don't forget to check for holes as nothing like the embarrassment of a sticking out toe.

Do go with friends.
Don't think you will have the chance to talk to them as your children go in different directions.

Do remember to ask child if they need a wee regularly.
Don't let a child leave your site when starting potty training as experience tells me you will find said child bare bottomed and the knickers and trousers striped of due to toddler tiddling in the bool pool (the shame).

Do invite friends it's much nicer to have company at these places.
Don't forget your children to find them drinking fruit shoots that arnt there's.

Do make the most of going through the soft play
Don't let little kids boss you around when your at the top, you go down the slide on your terms your a adult, ok I do what they say.

Do make the most of the deals such as free Lunch and play.
Don't go in school holidays as you will pay a small fortune to be pushed around by older kids it's not fun at all.

Do find out the wifi so you can browse social media whilst wanting to blow your brains.
Don't think your kids will let you sit down for longer than 2 minutes.

Do watch out for toddler scraps.
Don't bet on which child will come out worse.

Do jump in the ball pool you are never to old for that. 
Don't get caught by the soft play bandits or worse throw a ball and it hits another child Doh.

Do try to race down the slides with he kids.
Don't forget the kids and leave an afraid toddler at the top of the slide screaming. Then don't walk away like its not your kid (thats never happened I promise). 

Do take plenty of photos especially ball pools they are always good ones.
Don't forget to look out for the photo bombing gran trying to get into every pic, oye love I don't know you get out my pictures. 

Do make the most of the whole time to make he most of e expensive entrance fees.
Don't fall asleep in a dark place to find your kids back on that table trying to steal other kids fruit shoots.

Do smile friendly at other adults, make sympathetic faces when there kid tantrums over not going on the Peppa pig machine. 
Don't get caught staring or looking smug because remember toddlers and kids are like time bombs it could be you next.

Do tell your child that all machines are broken.
Don't start buying the snacks as before you know it they have had cakes ice creams and the idea to not spend loads has gone out the window, all that money could have gone in the peppa pig machine for 5 mins peace.

Do enjoy soft play its a lot more fun when you get stuck in although only the other day I got caught climbing up a step monkey rope thing at digged into my feet if kids weren't around I would have swore all the way up the sodding rope. 

If you have endured soft play what are your do's and Dont's.


  1. My Do - let the hubby go in with my daughter (son always find people to play with lol)
    Dont - take pictures as we are not allowed to at our local play centre

    1. That's pants how can you get that famous ball pool shot lol

  2. Haha funny!

    Soft play centres are my idea of hell, I'm so glad mine's grown out of it now.

    My do would be to disinfect yourself thoroughly afterwards.

  3. This needs to be laminated and handed out by health visitors x

  4. What a great post - I went to soft play once a long time again with a friend and their child, it wasn't something I really wanted to experience again lol.

  5. Ha ha this sounds just like our local soft play area! Fred loves it! xx

  6. This is brilliant. I don't know how many times I've bought a cup of tea at soft play only to have it go cold like following a toddler around the whole place!

  7. great post! I remember soft play hell very well! My tip would be to make sure the wine is chilling in the fridge for when you get home x

  8. lol! They have their uses but are usually perfect zones for picking up bugs and are usually incredibly noisy!

  9. I avoided them except for birthday parties. They are a hellish experience, although if I got the chance to go to one of those adult ball pools I would be there like a shot!

  10. I was never mad keen on soft play centres lol

  11. I remember of all of these! Including the softplay bandits and the toddler tiddling!

  12. I love and loathe soft play in equal measure but its getting easier now the kids are getting older as I actually get to chat to a friend

  13. Been to one this morning and can so relate to this. I was up and down like a yo-yo but hope my boys were worn out.

  14. Sorry this so made ma laugh Sara .. so very true!

  15. Haha yes, this is so true! :-)

  16. i have to admit im always the first parent to go in after the little one making an excuse they need help lol

  17. Soft play was the only time i got a hot drink. I never went in with my boys at all

  18. Love it!! At our adults are allowed midweek and of course my two love the astro slide😜

  19. I am so lucky that husband is in charge of playing with my son at soft play areas. I am so scared of those massive high slides. My dos is for me to bring a reading material as they can stay there long! #sharewithme

  20. oh can so relate to these we go each week to a soft play after music class and it's chaos sometimes. lol Made me chuckle. Thank you so much for linking up to Share With Me #sharewithme

  21. Oh yes, soft play is a put up with trial!! To be honest we don't go that often but the kids love it. Hot drinks are essential!!

  22. Haha this is brilliant! I agree with everything you said - they can be a nightmare sometimes..and I am always the one who ends up on the slides and stuff

  23. Haha! Love this. I really enjoy getting involved, I swear I'm a bigger kid than the Mini Mes x

  24. This is great! My local church has free soft play every half term holiday with free drink from the cafe for the kids when we leave. Spent both my days off there as it was naff weather this week! Glad it's not just my tiddler that wants me by her side the whole time we're there lol... coffee went cold :( Great facility for us as it's literally at the end of road and have baby corner and bike/car/seesaw section as well as the soft play and bouncy castle with a slide it's great!!

  25. Great dos and donts! I can relate the them all, especially the hot cuppa xx

  26. I love the soft play! Always have a wonderful short bed time on those days. hehe

  27. Do bring plenty of wet naps. If your child has something sticky on them, don't question it, just wipe it off. And you don't know what's lurking at the bottom of public ball pits.