Tuesday 19 January 2016

Living Arrows - 3/52 - Beach Babe

I never tire of taking photos of Amelie. She always has the most inquisitive face, pulling an variety of expressions. Maybe because out of all our children she is the only one that will stay still enough for me to quickly snap. She is also so loud you can't miss her. I love this photo its my favourite of beach skys, they way the sky changes colour half way like some glorious ombre is by far the best you can see. It was so cold but so refreshing, makes getting home and having a cup of tea much more Worthwhile. 

This year I am being more intentional about taking photos with the big camera, my husband has trusted me with the cannon, although he has said he prefers it to his new camera. The joys of having a video producer for a husband always have the kit to hand. If I knew how to use most of it we would be some double act. One of my dreams is to do more photography I am unsure where that is going and which direction. I suppose we will see this coming year. 


  1. Amelie is gorgeous!! As is the beautiful skyline, gorgeous image! Get the Hubby to teach you, ask for camera lessons for Valentines ;) x

    1. thats a good idea although not sure he has the patience, I forgot I used her name doh usually use Ami instead. Silly sausage I am.

  2. Great photo, and such attitude in Amelie's pose. #livingarrows