Sunday 17 January 2016

Photo 365 - January 11th - 17th

Monday 11th - Pre School Booster 

Poor Ami had to have her pre school booster which she took like a boss. She was so brave and didn't cry. She later went on to say "Mummy why did that nurse hurt me". She was happy to get an brave sticker and a lolly pop. Can not believe she will be starting school in September. 

January 12th - Cold Walks

Son Son not enjoying the cold weather at the moment. He cried the whole way home from school Asti on the other hand was happy to have a photo with his Mumma. 

January 13th - Nap time Tea Time

This is so rare, seriously rare. When you have two toddlers in tow its bliss taking one shopping. He fell asleep I took my chance to grab a quick tea and Percy pig biscuit. Ami went off with Daddy to work for a bit whilst I mulled round the shop. 

January 14th - Work Time Madness 

My husband text me relentlessly in the morning asking if I had taken his glasses to work. He did not realise how busy I was obviously. I had not and infact the kids had actually taken them and put them under the blind apparently. I had a massively busy day where we needed much more staff than we had. I suppose thats the joy of nursing sometimes. 

January 15th - New Cup

Ok I did not take a photo on this day I was very rubbish, sometimes when you work 13 hours in the day its hard to get inspiration. I did though use this cup all day at work. I got it as a secret santa present at work. Sadly the kids have thrown it down the stairs and broken it. Blooming kids sometimes.

January 16th - Photo Memories

Every January I have taken a  photo of these two on the bed, this was supposed to be the third instalment to the collection but I could not get them to stay still for the love of me. I may try again as the photo I got was very grainy. They seriously hate me taking photographs you would think they would be over it by now. 

January 17th - Cold Beach walks 

Heres a photo from our walk this afternoon. It was very cold and poor Son Son was not happy. Was nice to get out and not be stuck in watching the football. I love where we live right by the sea its beautiful. Nice end to our week and my last weekend off for a while. 


  1. Super cute photos, even the one of them on the bed. I love the idea that you have done that every January.
    My daughter also starts school this September. Time is flying!
    Vix x

  2. Gorgeous piccys! It does look very cold in the last one. 13hr days must be a killer. Hope you got some chill time too. Thanks for sharing with #bestandworst x

  3. Lovely pics! So nice to look back and see your week captured in pictures. Youre so lucky to live by the sea, very envious! Emily #TwinklyTuesday