Sunday 15 June 2014

Ordinary Moments - Daddy, Daddy cool

My poor husband 5 years ago was enjoying his last few months as a single man, little did he know he would meet little old me and get laden with lots of children. Little did he know he would be changing nappies to his hearts content and forever cleaning the tv of toddler hand prints. He didn't think he would be driving a car with alot of boot space rather than driving a sporty GT type. He has made it, he may have 50% more grey hair than 5 years ago but he is the best dad to our children.

He still tries to maintain his old ways and holds tightly to it, but more and more I see him become dad! A dad with bad jokes, dodgy dance moves (although I think they were there before hand) and lot of other traits that are slowly creeping in. His parenting style is one that is based on love and full off encouragement (also taking the mick alot) has caused my eldest to bloom into the little lad he is today, we were so blessed when he came into our lives.

He also has been coming up with many new ways to make parenting easier, most include trying to stay in bed as long as he can. First one is to put something special on loop via youtube then attach it out of reach above the cot. Another is rocking the baby in bouncer with foot whilst he is still in bed and lastly encouraging babies to hold own bottles so he can have two hands for fifa. He is funny the kids all adore him and so do I.

So there we are Daddy who is still cool, Daddy who still loves dancing, still listens to dance music, still plays football, still cleans the car on the reg, who now has kids music in the car. He is still cool, still a role model for Pants and the others. We love him lots.

We have joined up to The Ordinary moments over with the lovely Katie from Mummy Daddy Me linky.


  1. What a wonderful Daddy - I love the rocking the baby with a foot technique - it's quite ingenious!

  2. Ah what a lovely post celebrating what sounds like a lovely Daddy! Happy Father's Day to him! xx

  3. Awww what a nice Fathers Day post. Somehow those techniques are also used by my husband =) #ordinarymoments

  4. What a lovely post,loving the techniques to stay in bed longer haha x