Monday 16 June 2014

I am only blooming going to Britmums live arnt I!

Last year after seeing all the buzz about Britmums Live I thought I am not missing out next year, so with that I brought my ticket early so I didn't miss out. So for those also going this is my intro post so you are pre warned can know a bit about me before hand. I am bringing my baby along who told me he is excited too! I didn't get round to sorting a sponsor but I don't live too far from London and staying at friends so not too bad a little treat for me!  Still sorting trains, cards and all that jazz out (hoping Britmums can help me be more organised). So here is a bit more about little old me.

I shall be wearing this dress too and the baby!
NAME: Hi  i am Sara. 

BLOG: The mummy madness 

TWITTER: @mummy_madness1

HEIGHT: 5Ft 4 although the boots machine said 5Ft 6 maybe I had messy hair? 

HAIR COLOUR: Boring brown or mousey brown my mother would say!

EYES: Brown also 

BRITMUMS: This is my first blogging conference event (bit scared) also bringing Little bear along too.

WHAT I AM LOOKING FORWARD TO: Meeting other bloggers, trying not to be star struck by bloggers I love and learning some bits to help me blog.

WHAT I AM NOT: I am so shy, I am ok behind a screen but face to face I go silly. I think I am the funniest person where other people find me more awkward! 

WHAT I AM WEARING: I shall be wearing the dress as sported in the picture above, I shall also be wearing a kanga wrap with Little bear in! 

So there we are a little bit about me if you see me please say hi, I will try not to hide in the toilets with my baby!


  1. I think most people are nervous so don't worry about that. I think having a baby is a great ice-breaker everyone will be wanting to talk to you, by that I obviously mean baby ;)

    Hope to see you there, Annwen

  2. That's such a pretty colour dress and accessorising with cuteness is going to make me very envious! Look forward to seeing you! x