Wednesday 18 June 2014

Little Bear you are 7 months

My baby boy you are now 7 months.
I want to hit pause to make sure I do not miss a moment of time.
This time so special, so full of new things 
new adventures, I do not want to miss a thing.

You have learnt to lunge forward from sitting,
you are trying desperately to crawl but getting nowhere
you end up lying on your front and full of frustration that you are not going anywhere.
You even learnt to roll over at long last. 
You have been confidantly sitting for a while so it was only a matter of 
time before you started to break free and try and move.
You love to stand and always laugh the whole time you are on your feet.

You love to be outside enjoying pulling grass or eating what ever is on the floor.
You also love seeing people, people often comment how happy you are when we are out.
You dont enjoy the beach, the sand is too much temptation and then you get cross when you cant eat it! Mummy is working on that.  

You adore your siblings, even Ami who spends most her time trying to pull you over. Trying to help you walk (bit scary) and also help you roll over.
You love her because she gives you her food. Especially a chip the other day which you snatched out of her hand and ate it so so quick (on daddys watch).
Pants also loves hanging out with you, mainly protecting you from Ami or watching you when mummy is busy. 

You eat really well and really love your food. you still have 4 bottles a day and sometimes drink them sometimes not. Your favorite food is pasta like your sister. You eat the same dinners as us and demolish them along with anything else given you. You wont eat baby food purees but love anything fruity. One time Ami had a mini picnic I came in the room you had made your way to where she was an ate all her lunch!

You hit a massive milestone this month and you fiannly slept from 7:30- 6 huzzah it is nicer not having to get up in the night. You have the most infectious laugh and love being thrown about. 

You are an amazing little lad and we all love you lots x


  1. He looks so happy! It's a lovely age, but yes, you always want to slow it down! #PoCoLo

  2. I LOVE that age :) and we had Fuzzibunz nappies too! Love real nappies :) Thanks for linking #PoCoLo

    1. ha thanks we were trying them out always wanted to try cloth so got these to try!

  3. Sara, he is just the cutest! What a happy little bear x

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