Sunday 1 September 2013

The great blogger Bake off: week 2

Ok i will have to apologise I am not a great baker but I love the Great British Bake of and saw that there was a blogging bake of I just had to take part! Paul and Mary would be disappointed but me and my son enjoyed making and eating our goodies from this week! I thought I would try something easy and something that we had in the cupboard already so I went for chocolate breadsticks, I thought how bad can they be the kids love them. So there I go to start and my scales stop working so I had to use cups as a way to measure flour for the recipe! 

For the Dough: 
300g Strong White flour (2 1/4 Cups) 
2 teaspoons of caster suger
1 x 7g sschet fast-action dried yeast
1/4 teaspoon of salt
225ml Lukewarm water

For the Finish
75g of chocolate broken from a bar

1, Put the dry Dough ingredients in a bowl mixing by hand then pour in the lukewarm water. Gently press and squeeze everything together untill it creates a smooth, soft dough. Any dry crumbs left add a little bit more water and if to wet add more flour.

2, Sprinkle the work surface with flour , then turn the dough out onto it. cover your hands in flour and flatten and press dough to make a rectenagle measuring 22x30cm .

3, Sprinkle the Chocolate evenly over the dough, starting one end roll up the dough into a spiral, the gradually stretch out the roll to 34 cm long. Then flatten to make it measure 34 x 16 cm rectangle. carefully slice the rectangle into 16 strips that are 16 cm long.

4, Pick up the strip and  hold one end in each hand. Gently twist the strip, giving a little stretch, then set it on a lined baking sheet. Do the same with all the strips leaving a 3cm gap between them. Cover the sheets loosely with clingfilm and leave for 20 mins , mean while pre heat the oven to 220'C.

5, Uncover the baking sheets and place in the oven. Bake for 12 mins until golden. An extra 5 mins for a more crunchy texture. 

6, Remove the bread sticks from the oven and place on a wire rack to cool down. 

Here is our finished product, I went a bit of recipe and didnt measure the sticks or count 16 out. They ended up twice as wide as I would of liked and also forgot as my little girl woke from her nap and distracted me. We ate them dipped in nutella they were good the kids loved them and were so easy to make. They may not be bake of worthy but I enjoyed making them and actually doing some baking! 

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  1. oooh now this is a great idea - chocolate breadsticks, I would really enjoy these!!! i like how your (handsome!) boy is helping you - a future GBBO of the future maybe?
    thank you for joining in x x

    1. Yes I will train him and hope the show it still on in ten years so I can get close to Paul Hollywood! lol Jokes! Thanks for hosting! x

  2. They look so yummy will be attempting to make these

    1. they wernt to hard to make didnt require much kneading and proving easy baking lol! x