Thursday 19 September 2013

Educational toys for Pre School

Its lovely when your children grow up, you get to see them flourish into who they are meant to be. When Pants was small he had no interest in writing, drawing or anything that involved sitting still and doing something, he was always on the go and still is. Ami is alot different she enjoys sitting down for short periods for craft and puzzles. So with this we want to try and encourage toys that can also help her learn. This I believe will help for when she starts school as they do sit down for long periods so will be helpful in the long run. 

We have been checking out  Junior Scholars an online resource with many different ages ranges. I am looking to buy toys that both the children can play with and enjoy. here is a few of the toys we love and believe will encourage development in many areas. 

Here is the wooden Shape Clock, I like it not only is it attractive to children with the bright colours but can help children learn about time, clolours, numbers and shapes. This toy is not just sutible for preschool but I know my son who is currently in year 2 would enjoy playing with it too. He is currently learning to tell the time so this would benefit a wider range of ages. 

Here is another toy that we love its a wooden whale jigsaw, not only does it look nice on a shelf but also can help children with counting and learning numbers. The peices are made out of wood and are fair trade so would last longer than your usual cardboard ones.

 They do a big range of puzzles some small and some with letters on instead of animals. We like the idea of a small whale and a big whale, my daughter loves to copy her big brother so the idea of the two sitting together doing the puzzles is very sweet. 

They also have a wide range of Orchard toy Games, which create a fun learning environment. This game is called spotty dogs and helps aid numeracy skills by counting and matching numbers.  Both my children love dogs so this game would help then with counting. Ami may be a bit to little for this game but the bright colours and the use of numbers it wont be long before she will be ready to join in. 

Vtexh is another range of education toys they sell. This is the Vtech playtime bus, my son had this when he was a toddler and he played with it for hours. He loves that it had so many buttons and would copy the sounds of the letters and numbers. It has different modes that can help find shapes, numbers and letters. Its a great toy as they can play creatively and learn at the same time. With personal experience of this its a great toy that doesn't come with too many fiddly bits that get lost in the toy box. 

Here is another great toy for learning the stacking train, not only does it have bright colours that are sure to engage young learners but come in many different shapes. My daughter loves stacking things and working out where they went and my son loves timing himself to see how quickly he can sort things out. Not just learning shapes but using logic and developing those fine motor skills. Also which child doesn't like trains. 

Here is just a few exaples of the range of toys they have on Junior scholars, so why not have a look yourself and invest in some good quality learning toys. 

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