Monday 23 September 2013

33 weeks Pregnant

All the 3's 33 weeks pregnant. Where has this pregnancy gone? This by far had been the most hardest pregnancy I have had. Ive been suffering with bad lower back pain which has been a little annoying. My community midwife offered no help saying it was to late for a physio referral and if it got worse to go to day care. I found it to be a little annoying no advice given from my midwife so after a few more weeks struggling getting up and moving I called my doctors who prescribed me some stronger pain killers, which is fun as they make me a little dozy and spaced out! Still have back ache which means days of from work.

Oh well not long to go now, We are now in that stages of sorting things out that we need for a newborn baby! Ive actually started to get a little excited seeing all his little clothes I sometimes get them out and re fold them. Boys clothes have become alot more fashionable from when I had pants. We been blessed with many donations of clothes for the baby which is so helpful.

Now also the decision on the name, we both have ideas and likes but not managed to find one we both agree on. I really liked Toby but people call my husband Carvy and he thought it would be to mean on the baby to have the nickname of Toby Carvy lol.
Me at 33 weeks

Things we have: 
  • Cot 
  • Moses Basket
  • Double pushchair
  • car seat
  • Baby Bath
  • Tons of Newborn Clothes and 0-3 months
  • a few blankets 
  • Nappies 

Things Still to get organised
  • baby bouncer
  • newborn Car seat head hugger
  • Blankets (as the ones we have are pink) 
  • Cotton wool and Wipes 
  • Muslin Square 
  • Sort Hospital Bag 
  • Mat Pads and Breast Pads (cant forget these important essentials) 
  • Cosy Pjs for post pregnancy
  • Big Nik naks (cant beat a bit of comfort post baby) 
  • Presents from the baby to older siblings
  • Need to organise who will have kids when I go into labour!
  • Im sure theres much more to do I just can get my mind round that there will be a little baby with us soon!