Thursday 12 September 2013

Reasons to be Cheerful week 29

Well im a bit late on joining in today in my reasons to be cheerful, no laptop has been a little bit of a pain but never less will have it back soon (so you will have to excuse my late night dyslexic brain)  My week has been a very mixed week, I started a new job and was unsure of hours, I think the realisation that working full time I really couldnt do but got the hours I wanted so all is good. Anyway my reasons to be cheerful are as follows.

1) Its my Sons birthday on Monday, he is going to be 7  where has the time gone! life has changed so much for us in these years its amazing to see what he is growing up to be like. I can not remember him as a toddler its crazy. We have been so proud of him this last year and how he has adapted to being a big brother. We look forward to more toys for Ami to get hold of although Pants this year has asked for some fish!

2) I have gone back to work although maybe not elated as I would have been if I was not pregnant and suffering back pains on a heavy ward based environment, but I still happy Im there. It has taken me many years to finnaly qualify as a nurse and to be writing and signing that I am a band 5 staff nurse has been a little scary but exciting.

3) Finnaly getting things sorted for new baby, Its so cute and we have been given some awesome stuff, this new baby is by far the best dressed in our family. I now need to get my head round the fact that we will have another little person in our lives soon!

4) Ami has learnt to spin and jump when dancing it is the most cutest thing. She loves a good dance like her dad, she is surely growing up so fast. I love the things she does shes so bright already at 13months she does not miss a trick.

5) We have a family beach day in Southend on Saturday. My husband is the youngest of 6 and each is married with at least 2 children so it will be nice catching up. Lets hope the weather is better than the rain forecasted for Saturday!

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  1. Sounds like a busy week! Must feel so great to be doing the job you're qualified for after all that work.

  2. Good luck being back at work.

    I love the sound of your family catch up, sounds like its going to be busy x

  3. I hope you are having a great day today it sounds like fun. Mich x