Friday 6 September 2013

Ami your 13 months

This last month has flown by 
your growing up to fast
you are doing so much each day
each day you move further from being a baby to being a toddler

You love the outdoors
and have no fear (at all) 
you love to run 
you love to climb

you love to wonder and spend ages exploring
you love playing with babys 
but not as much as you love playing with your brother
he makes you laugh and chuckle so much

You love animals and favourites being dog dogs and birdies 
you point at everything 
and even get cross when you dont get what you want
you give lovely kisses so cute

you learnt new words this month
you can now say dog dog, Aston, hello and whos that
Oh and not forgetting cat
your so clever

You love fruit especially na nas 
in which when you eat one its all you say
you wantto feed your self
and have started using a fork

Ami you are so so cleaver 
We love how much you grown up
you a lovely funny girl 
and such a blessing to be around 

We love you loads Ami bear 

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