Thursday 19 September 2013

Reasons to be cheerful: week 30

Wowzas Ive been doing this for 30 weeks now thats crazy. Where has this year gone I can believe its speeding by time is like sand escaping through my fingers and I am desperately trying to cling on to that sand. Times are changing and I need to acept that life that is comfortable at the moment is soon going to change and we shall adjust as we always do! In that soon will come a little baby and that will bring lots of joy im sure. Our life is full of little blessings some things I even dont reconise as blessing, I forget Im loved unconditionally and thats amazing! My reasons to be cheerful are as follows..

1) My little Ami has learnt to Jump, its the most cutest thing ever. She crouches down and jumps and we all laugh and cheer, she is such a delight.

2) We had our family gathering at the weekend where 27 members of my husband met, with that a photo of all the family was taken.Very hard trying to get 13 children and 14 adults in a photo, but it was done. It was even harder trying to get a photo of all the siblings as they all messed around. My husband grew up in a big family so for him he is used to being around many people and his parents fostered too so there was always new faces. I love the idea of that maybe one day in the future. It was lovely day great for Pants and Ami to catch up with all there cousins. It was the first time in 3 years the whole family had been together!

3) Pants had his birthday he is now 7 thats crazy. He had a lovely day even if he was sent home from school after being sick. He got a fish tank and can not wait to fill it with fish! He also got alot of money so now to decide on what to get with all the money.

4) I have three weeks left of work before I go on maternity leave, It has been hard work my back is playing me up which is not very helpful bearing in mind I spend the whole day standing on my feet. I am enjoying it still though, Its a proper job and I am blessed they took me on being so pregnant and they knew I would be leaving soon .

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  1. What a precious photo! Lovely reasons to be happy :)
    I hope you have a fab weekend. x

  2. That is a lovely picture, well done on getting everyone together! x

  3. A wonderful photo lovely, how nice to get everyone together. Happy bday to little man wow 7! Mine is six in january! x

    1. yes 7 is very scary it has gone so fast! thanks! x

  4. what a wonderful family gathering! my young man is 7 in November sounds so grown up

  5. Wow family reunions are a blessing and fun. Good on lil Ami! Its cute to see them meet their milestones. Their look of pride is priceless.