Sunday 19 October 2014

How to be a working mum!

Here is me getting ready for work, the sky is dark, the babies are in bed and all I am thinking is let me get back into bed and have a pj day with my kids. In case you are here for tips I have none, I get up go to work for 13 hours and come home completely missing my babies, hoping they are still awake when I get home. Sometimes I am a little bit loud in the morning in the hope of waking one of them so I can give them a massive hug before I set of my day. The three set of clothes set out for my husband to dress the kids all ready for them, all in a row some days its relief its not me sorting them but most days its sadness that I am not there.

I get to work and suddenly lost in a wave of business but every now and again will sneak of to text my husband, find out how the babies are, were they happy going into nursery. I text my husband to make sure he isnt late getting them from nursery, I text him making sure he has 3 different school/ nursery bags along with lunch bags, drinks, PE kits and all the extras. I text him to find out what they eat, what they do, my heart aches to be there too.

Its bedtime and most often I am still busy at work I do not call, I should but often I miss bedtime as I am so rushed to try and finish on time. The reason why I work 13 hour shifts to get more time at home.but it pains me to be away so long, my control is gone handed to my able husband. I spent 2 years at home and now suddenly I have a different type of freedom. The freedom working can give you, the chance to have a hot tea and eat some lunch on your own. Uniform does not have hand prints on or a line of felt tip, although I wish it did.

Do not get me wrong I do enjoy working, but a huge part wants to be at home with my babies. I am learning to hand over control and not to text my husband all day, not to cry at work, not to hide in the stock cupboard looking at pictures and videos. As I get busy at work I often do forget about them for a while, forget I am a mum  with a massive pile of washing waiting for me. It is never for long and I am back in the world of all the fun.

This was a random post but I felt I had to type and get it our of my system somehow so excuse me if my dyslexic brain is all over the place. Its kind of where my head is at. If your a working mum/ dad does it get better? I was never like this with just 1 child but now 3 its  alot to manage sometimes!


  1. It's only natural you want to be at home with your babies....It sounds so hard. Hugs x

  2. I know what you're saying. Especially when Lucas was tiny, I felt I was missing out on so much as I work long hours full time. I think you're doing amazingly xx #whatsthestory

  3. I know just how you feel, I resigned at three, that's when we sold up and bought Coombe Mill, now I work even longer hours 7 days a week but it doesn't feel like work and I am always here for the kids and can work around them. It is what has worked for us. #whatsthestory

  4. I enjoy working but I miss them too, especially knowing these are the last months before school with Dylan and all the freedom gone!

  5. Aww hun, this made me well up. I remember the long working days - Stacey still asleep when I left and back in bed when I got home. It was 9 and a half years of hell for me. But it was a job. And a secure one at that. Then when I was pregnant with Oscar my twisted spine got worse and we finally decided I wouldn't return to work. I am now self employed and although I love it, I do sometimes find myself wondering what it would have been like if I'd gone back. I think I would have spent more time crying at leaving the little ones than doing any actual work ;)

    Louise x

  6. This must be so hard - can't imagine having such long work days away from my kids! I work from home but the routine about getting everything ready for the husband sounds awfully familiar ;-)

  7. Awww sounds like you are doing so well and I bet your days off are even more special now. I am not currently working, but my friends who are tell me it does get easier. x #MMBH

  8. Hi, your not alone! As a working dad I often struggle to be away from home. Yes, I get a break from childcare, but I also miss a lot at home. I try to help when I get home by doing as much as I can (playtime and then bathtime and then bed.) There's no more rest like in the old pre-children days :) But many of my friends also say it gets better.

    All the best


  9. Aww lovey, that must be so hard when you are used to being in control of the day to day things like that. I have no experience of this as I'm still a stay at home mum but I'm sure it will bet easier over time x #MMWBH