Friday 31 October 2014

Me and mine - October

After it raining on my days off and my husband working alot I did not think we would get a photo for this month. Every month it gets to the 25th and I panic and wonder when I will get our family photo. Thankfully this month I finished my training course early so therefore was a window of opportunity to get a photo of us outside. The sun had gone down and the light was fading but I think these are some of my personal favourites already. I like the moody look of them and some of the shared looks between us.

Our month has been busy trying to sort out work/ home life balance and a new house but it was so nice to go on this little walk. It has been forever since the five of us have done something together its hard work when you are all so busy but hopefully next month we can work harder at spending time together.

dear beautiful

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  1. Oh Sara... I think these are my favourite evers of your Me and Mine photos too. They are so lovely! The first and the last are my favourites I think. The light is lovely, and the kids just being themselves! Just lovely!

    1. ha thanks we just about made the last bit of light in the day.

  2. I absolutely LOVE these - first and last ones are my favourites. Wonderful.

  3. What a lovely idea, and what great photos you managed to get x

  4. Gorgeous photos - love the looks and the relaxed happy atmosphere of them, just showing you and your lovely family having fun on a walk out together. Beautiful :-)

  5. what lovely family photo you should frame these! hope ur walk was good xx

  6. Gorgeous pics — the last one is perfect! And what an amazing view — so fabulous to live by the sea! We visited the sea this month... the twins first time! :) X

  7. Oh they're gorgeous, the light has definitely worked out perfectly for you, and I love the perspective of the photos where you're looking out to sea; what a lovely view for thinking and planning the future!

  8. Beautiful pics :) I wish Nathan would have his picture taken with me and the kids, but he hates cameras and constantly refuses. Maybe I should show him these as they might be more up his street? :)

    Louise x

  9. Lovely photos! We often go on long walks as a family my little boy loves it.