Thursday 30 October 2014

Am I turning into my mum?

Looking back over photos I have taken today I came across this photo and it screamed my mum!!! The way I am holding on the the bench is something my mum would do and it scares me!! Even the vacant face day dreaming I look like my mum alot. 

When did it happen!

How did it creep in!

I jest obviously I love my mum but I do not want to be her if you know what I mean. I have even noticed somethings I say are just what she would say oh dear. As a child she would say "Well" but it was more like wella I have not said that yet but when I do I shall turely no that I am my mum! 

I will try not to be like my mum although I think alot is ingrained I find it hard not to love washing like she does, collect little pots, be attached to random junk and speak in funny accents, I am failing but its ok it could be worse I suppose. 


  1. Your mums funny accents are the best !

  2. Ha thanks leanne she usbt even American I do not know where is has come from!