Thursday 23 January 2014

Reasons to be Cheerful 2014 part 1

I haven't taken part in this for a while, not because I am not happy but because been so so busy with the babies I am forever a few days behind! I do love to take a look at the positives and realise how blessed I actually am!

1) Little bear has been sleeping for long stretched and last night slept from 10:30 - 7! woop Although I couldn't sleep for ages, always the way! It is great to get some sleep though makes the busy days more tolerable!

2) Pants finally lost his front tooth, suddenly he has got alot older, makes me a little sad but hes been prodding away at his teeth for over a year after his friends at school lost there front teeth!

3) Ami continues to learn to talk, often making up sentences bit the words are getting more clearer! She is also getting so so much bigger, she is so cleaver I find this age very funny but at times tiring, she is always on the go!

4) Just happy some days are overwhelming and I would rather be at work or anywhere but home, but I must make sure I get out rain or shine other wise I go a bit mad! I grateful I have to get Pants from school otherwise I may not get the chance to leave the house!

But however busy life is, I do love being at home with the babies, soon I will be back at work in 9 months so going to enjoy this time! My kids are awesome and I am so so blessed to be there mum!


  1. I remember the time between babies and going back to work. It can seem lonely but, enjoy it.....every little thing xx

  2. It seems a life time since mine were going through these stages lol. I am going to be a first time nanny in june so maybe I can re live it a little

  3. Welcome back! Sounds like you have your hands full. Some great positives - my 7 yo about only one in his class with all his baby teeth ;-)

  4. Remember feeling overwhelmed a lot when my 3 were younger and being so very tired. A full night's sleep what bliss! Treasure these moments even on the tougher days - before you know it you will be dealing with moody teenagers lol. Have yourself a wonderful week

  5. Lovely reasons and even though you must be knackered, they are great moments. Mine were 18 months apart and it was fun!

  6. Some great reasons to be cheerful. Love the fat your son has been wobbling his tooth for a year since his friends teeth came out.