Saturday 11 January 2014

How to cope with Nighttime feeds (or do you ever)

Well In for one have not quite got the grasp of getting up after only being asleep for a few short hours. Everytime I look at the clock hopeful that Ive been asleep a long time but the shocking truth that its only been two hours can sometimes fill me with dread. Those nights can seem long especially when your alot of the time. I then can get stressed because the baby wont go back to sleep and soon the other children will be up. Here are some things I have found have helped when i have been up.

Catch up TV
Technology is great nowdays you can watch a range of things just from your phone. I have found watching a comedy or a documentry in the night have made the night time feds a little bit more bearable. I sometimes over the night can watch a few programs I may have missed throughout the week. Also when I am feeling a bit low after being up a few times having a bit of a laugh does help.

Social Network
Being part of an online community such as twitter has a great benefit because you are guarantied someone else is up and most properly going through the same with there child. Often receiving advice and support when your in the midst of it all and thinking of giving up breast feeding. Or even writing blog posts or checking other peoples blogs is a good use of the time too.

Mobile Games 
I have a few games on my mobile often card games or tetris. I often play these as they make me tired so I can fall asleep straight away when Little bear has stopped feeding. I play them and wait until he is fast asleep otherwise I end up falling asleep then he wakes up.

Lying down and feeding
By the early hours of the morning I am often far to tired and dont want to do any of the above so I often just lay on my side and fed Little Bear, I often wake to find we both nodded of. Although it does sometimes freak me out and I realise Little Bear is next to me when I wake up!

I hope my little list helps someone, Those nights are hard work but they dont last forever. One day they will be teenagers and you will never get them out of bed! Having a newborn can be so so tough. I recently have started a formula fed before bed as found it so so mentally hard sometimes. Its great to not have to do a feed and have a little break whilst my husband feeds the baby!


  1. Aww! I do adore the online community for nightfeeds! With my last baby, the kindle became my best friend. Never have I read so many books as I did during night time feeding. It rekindled my love for books and I'm actually excited about working my way through my huge backlog of books when the next baby comes along! :D

    1. yes its funny sometimes I end up staying up past when the baby is asleep as im engrossed in something!

  2. Great post and great tips too.
    Even though i dont have a newborn baby anymore for the past couple of weeks we have been waking up silly times in the morning/night to our two kids cause they think its wake up time! x