Wednesday 1 January 2014

2013 Round up 2014 is here..

Its finally here, Im not sure why I put finally as the last year just flew by. I still feel like I should be wearing summer dresses because that's where my mind is! Last year was a really good year for us we have seen many blessings on us as a family on been on some crazy adventures. A year of firsts for Ami and a new addition to the family has been a great thing too.We have been on many adventures seeing us being stretched beyond our capacityand feeling tired to having a blast and wondering what we are doing.

To start of the year we decided to go to Disneyland paris for a day trip! Yes a day trip that involved getting up at 1 and travelling for 5 hours including a ferry trip to Disneyland and arriving home early hours of the morning. The only problem was Ami broke out in spots with chicken pox and was so itchy and contagious! We still went dosed Ami up on piriton and found out you can baby swap meaning Pants could go on the rides two times in a row!

Spring Harvest
We as a family served at spring harvest in minehead this year, Well everyone except the kids they enjoyed being part of the team and playing with all the other children that were around. My husband was there for 3 weeks we just joined him for the middle one. It was a lot of fun and something that pushed us a little having a family with us. 

Me and the kids went on mission within our local scripture union. Which we helped out in the toddler age. We as children were taken to this as my mum wanted a few hours peace from us but I kept on going as a result found my faith there so I always enjoy helping their. They also host a massive water fight where the fire men come and spray water at all the kids its alot of fun

This is both my church and New Generations Community events where they see thousands of families come along to experience kids clubs, family nights out, craft and good fun. All put on for free for the benefit of the community. I love it It holds a good piece of my heart I met my husband their and who doesn't enjoy hanging out in marquees, letting the kids have some freedom to play and serving on a team with your friends. 

We went to Denmark to serve on a team in a school, we went to teach some lessons and host a week called Jesus week. It was hard work I was 38 weeks pregnant and found myself just chasing after Ami the whole time. She enjoyed all the attention she got from the students. We went to a really cool pool and I didnt give birth which was helpful as that eventuality could have been a little crazy. 

Ami's Firsts
My little girl went from being a baby to turning into a chatty toddler. She achieved many firsts and just grew up too fast for our liking. She learned to sit, crawl, stand, walk, run and turn into the cheeky girl she is. She is such a blessing and so funny to watch. 

Pants Football
Pants joined his first football team and has scored many goals (a few own goals to add to the list too). He has grown up loads and is such a lad. He is loving being a big brother to his sister and brother. 

Little bear joining us
In November little bear was born, completing our little family and just slotting in. After a uncomfortable pregnancy I was glad it was over. He has settled in well and now life is so busy with a 15 month age gap can be crazy at times but also alot of fun! 

Finally a Nurse
After nearly 6 years at university being part time and maternity leave I finally finished my training! years of sitting in front of a laptop wondering what I am doing is over. I got a job at our local hospital and am on maternity leave again crazy.

So that was a few highlights of last year, this year is new, this year is exciting I cant wait ti see what adventure lays ahead. We sadly lost our friend Joel last year and times we still dont believe it but look forward keep our eyes on the good, keep our eyes on Jesus. 


  1. Lovely Post! Lots of happy memories. I hope you have a fantastic 2014! X

  2. Wow, what a year! You've been really brave and done an awful lot with a baby and a big bump!
    Popping over from PoCoLo.

  3. What a wonderful year!! So many great things happened!
    All the best for 2014 x

  4. Wow that sounds like a busy year and with a new addition too. Happy New Year to you and your family :-) #PoCoLo

  5. Happy New Year, certainly looks a busy year, and congratulations on your new addition, stopping by from #PoCoLo xx

  6. What a wonderfully varied year - it's amazing that you managed to fit in having Little Bear too! Happy New Year and hope it's a wonderful one for you :) Thanks for supporting PoCoLo x

  7. What a lovely, uplifting post. A fab year topped off by the arrival of Little Bear. Loved reading this #pocolo

  8. Aww what a lovely post! You did so many things!! The trip to Disney for a day sounds completely mad... something i'd never considered but now that you mention it..... I love the fact that you're involved with the church, very humbling and such good work you've done. Congratulations on your new addition too xx