Friday 17 January 2014

The average day of a toddler

I often find my self amazed at toddlers, there ability to make a mess in a few seconds to the way they make you chuckle. Well I am sure my little Ami is not unlike most toddlers and is a joy to be with so here is a average day for Ami and the Mischief she gets up to..

7:45 am

Wake up hear that nobody else is up so find felt tip pens and draw over self, cot and bed sheets. Then shout until an tired parent comes and gives you some molk (milk). Notice they try and get another 5 mins so shout again until you either wake your brothers or your parents. 

8:00 am

Even more tired parent gets you out of your cot, you see this as a chance to wake your brother by climbing on to his bed. Brother gets worried as he has a loft bed and pins you down untill tired parent comes to help. 


Find that reading one book is not enough so pull all the books of the shelf, then decide the Dvd's look good on the floor. Work out how to get one out and attempt to put in on the dvd player, then do the same with 50 others until you get bored. 


After shouting Nana Nana since waking you are then put in the high chair where you then decides you do not need help and can do it all yout self. Screaming when someone tries to help and often getting more on face than in the mouth. 

9:00 am

See that you are about to get dressed run away and linger just out of mum or dads reach, backing away until they give up and your aloud to carry on in just a nappy. 


get every toy out and throw them across the room. Great fun untill it hits the little brother then told of. Stand by the fruit bowl and shout nana nana again until tired parent gives in. 

9:12 am

See that parents have tried to tidy the chaos and then decide to pull the books and dvd's out again. Tired parent stands on a bit of lego and asks "why do they have so much toys?"


Bored of getting toys in and out of the toy box its now time to run around untill you fall over and get hurt or hurt someone else. 

10:00 am 

Find shoes and demand to wear them, even though you've not been caught to get dressed yet. Scream till parent gives in then stand by the door in just a nappy and shoes. 

10:30 am 

Notice mum put washing away help by pulling it back out the draws again. Also put it in the washing machine and turn tumble drier on. 

11:00 am 

Finally get put in cot for a nap with some Molk, shout and shout till finally nod of. Tired parents try and tidy up whilst your alseep, find the tv controller and have a hot cup of tea (often found rocking trying to be quiet to not wake sleeping toddler up!)


Wake and shout, need your nappy changed so run away from mum, get the changing mat out then sit on it. Mum changes nappy in lightning speed and of you go to pull out the books.


Lunch time try to eat food but end up throwing most of it asking for what everyone else has even though its exactly the same as everyone elses. 


Finally dressed and ready to go out. Stand by the door and wait till you go outside. pull every coat of the coat stand give everyone shoes until you go out side. Get put in the pushchair and shout until you are let loose. 

3:30 pm

Arrive home ask for a nana nana then run around until you fall hurt yourself or someone else! Down a drink and pull at jump at brother till he plays with you. Notice that he was playing the play station and pull the controller

4:00 pm

Stand by fruit bowl again shouting nana nana, or worse see brother with some sweets stand next to him and if he doesn't give you any shout and hit him until he gives in. 

4:20 pm 

Notice brother isnt giving you any attention so sit on him till he plays with you.


Time to dance to any music weather its from an advert or tired parent has put it on for a bit of respite for a few mins. 

5:00 pm 

Notice that mum has gone to cook dinner, come in the kitchen to pull all pots and tupper ware out of the cupboard. Then shout at the food asking for dinner, failing getting no dinner get the pushchair and ram mum until she gives you a biscuit! 


Dinner time and you refuse to be fed again wanting to do it all your self, miss your mouth and get it down your lap, tired parent distracts you whilst trying to put spoon in your mouth. This doesn't work so leaves you to it on the hope not too much goes on the floor. 


Swot the parent who is trying to clean you up see past there ideas of getting you to help clean  and get cross until realeased from highchair. If tired parent isnt quick enough try and climb out yourself.


Time to dance with daddy now he is home from work, but get distracted and stand by the bath until a parent gives in. 


Enjoy a bath and surprise parents by getting more out the bath than in. Also pour water over parent who isnt in the bath. Then refuse to come out


Bedtime after saying nite nite to every person and teddy its time for molk again. Cuddle up to your teddy and nod of.


Tired parent sits down and has a bit of peace before it all starts again tomorrow!


  1. Lol this made me laugh, the life of a toddler sure is hard!

  2. I could of wrote this myself..i thought the pram ramming while cooking was a Rio thing! Great post :) made me smile throughout! x

    1. lol they must have a secret pact against mums cooking dinner!

  3. hahaha!! Brilliant post! #PoCoLo

  4. Hahaha! Typical day in the life then?! I'd forgotten what hard work they were :S Thank you for linking to PoCoLo x