Tuesday 29 September 2015

Son Son you are 22 months

Son Son you are 22 months (well I think you are I have lost count what month you are sorry).
You are the boy of many faces and sounds. 
Another month older another month closer to 2!

This month you have finally started to talk. 
You try to repeat most words and we have had more that two words together. 
You copy everything even if he do not understand. 
You often babble to yourself we just have to prose that dummy of you first. 

You love to be outside and love to be active. 
You like to walk a little bit now but still like to try and cross the road without holding hands.
You follow Ami everywhere and try to cuddle her. 
Which is a good thing we have gone from hitting to cuddling. 
You do not do as much hitting and kicking anymore I think now you can talk a little its becoming a bit easier and less frustrating for you. 

You have developed a love of reading and always grab anyone to sit and read with you. 
You are starting to take an interest in trains and like to make tracks. 
You also like to break tracks as soon as they are built. 
You also like to interrupt any game Ami is playing which she gets rather mad about. 

You like to sit and draw even paint if allowed. 
You like to cover yourself with paint and pen. 
Last time you got hold of a felt tip you covered your face so they now have been moved well out of reach. 

 You still love your food and you are starting to eat new foods. 
I am grateful to nursery for new experiences.
You even eat grapes and mellon now which is a massive improvement.
The only meal you are not fussed with is Lunch. 
You never eat much lunch at home not really a lover of sandwiches you would rather a nice hot meal. 

You love Puddles and love water play. 
you loved going swimming this month and even braved a slide.
You are slowly warming to a bath and even sat down in the water for the first time. 

You have loved days out with Ami and mummy. 
We love our little adventures usually to a cafe. 
You are slowly getting more patience to sit still long enough for Mummy to finish a hot drink. 

You are such an affectionate little boy and love to give cuddles. 
You seemed to have chilled out a lot this last month and you seem to have your Fathers temperament. 
The ability to be cool as a cucumber yet very cheeky is just like Daddy. 
Its lovely to see you grow into a little boy. 
Yes its going by too fast but its getting easier at times. 

I love this last photo you look so small and sweet. 
Makes me want to wake you up to give you a massive cuddle.

We love you lots our little Son Son bear. 

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  1. Ahh what a lovely, lovely post. Such a nice way to document life and reflect on the last few months as it goes all too quickly! Here's to the next 22 months! May it be filled with happiness and joy and thanks for linking up to the #bestandworst see you again! x