Wednesday 23 September 2015

I always wanted to be that Mum

Its easy to scan instagram and make you think what a rubbish job you are doing. I know I am not always the best mum, I cut corners try to make life easy. I rush things and do not always make the most of things. There is a type of mum I would like to be but then there is me. I am not complaining I am happy enough but when I was pregnant with my first child I said they would never eat a happy meal now thats all they know (jokes we actually rarely have it as the kids don't like it, crazy kids). Here is a list of who I wanted to be and the real me. I am very real and very boring in reality.

I always wanted to be the mum with the best packed lunch, you know the bento types. Writing little notes for my son to read at school but sadly that has been me, but that was never me my intention was there but never followed through. I spend hours on pinterst looking at ideas but still those same old ham sandwich get in every day. Fruit is always a bonus too (jokes always force fruit on my kids). The truth be told doing the pack lunch minutes before leaving never helps any creative juices flowing.

I always wanted to be the Mum who did sensory play. That made perfect tuff trays and taught the kids different shapes. That planned things but that was never me. I get a random idea to do some messy play it either involves shaving foam or water. I am just not that creative or organised. They have alot of fun and I generally leave them too it. Ive never questioned what colours, shapes I just liked getting messy. Its something that has come lately I wasnt always as relaxed. With my first I hated painting and anything messy but now anything goes. 

I always wanted to be the Mum who was first to pick up her kids. First one in the row at school plays and important events. Be there with my big camera but that was never me I am the mum who wanders in late usually the wrong room. Scouring the crowds for my children with the biggest wave, totally embasaaing my kids. The truth be told I am a busy parent, its always then that one someone need the toilet, a nappy need changing and I am forever rushing. Time just slips through my fingers and I leave with seconds to spare but I am there. I may be standing the at the back brandishing my iPhone because I forgot the big camera. 

I always wanted to be the Mum with the stylish kids clothes. I wanted my kids to be the coolest looking and often matching, but sadly that has never been me. I buy random clothes that don't go together, I  get excited by sales and try my best to make the kids look good on limited budget. I try
to make sure I wash the good clothes so the kids don't wear the nursery clothes on our days together. Truth is even though they are not as good as I would like they still dress better than me most days,

I always wanted to be the Mum that planned educational trips out. That planned fun trips out but sadly I have become a Mum that just enjoys being off as a family of five. All those plans in my head get forgotten as days together are super rare we usually celebrate by doing nothing. Even on holidays we get dressed near lunch time. Everyone is happy nobody complains, these things take a bit more effort but we end up doing something completely random. We used to be a bit more spontaneous but now were doing good if we get to the beach down the road.

I always wanted to be the Mum who enjoyed reading stories to her child. That got lost in the stories and charm of the books, but sadly I rush bedtime. I usually am so exhausted I encourage the shortest stories so I can sit on the sofa and not do much till I go to bed. Very sad and I should make more of an effort with my children. They will only be small once and whilst I do not enjoy reading the same story ever night its very short lived.

All these things can change I am sure. One thing how much am I willing. How much do I want to be that Pintererst mum with the best instagramed photos. I am completely different and the most random parent ever. I get through most the days and am glad to veg out in the evening. My kids know they are loved. They do not care If I read one story or have a ham sandwich 5 days a week. They know I am there.

I am who I am and do you know what I am happy with the mother I have become. My heart is always there, always.

This is our tale our adventure through life. We have such a lot of fun doing the most random things. You know what: 

I am a good mum.

I am trying my best.

I am doing my best.

I do love being a mum (except 2 am wake ups followed by every 15 mins, I never EVER like that).

I love being a Mum.

Even if I am random and all over the place. The front rooms a mess and I forgot to get things in for dinner I sure am trying. 


  1. Your kids are always happy in photos so I don't think it matters to them that they don't have super expensive clothes, bento boxes and a huge camera shoved in their face at school plays. You do a great job doing what you do and showing your kids that it's ok to be themselves.

    1. That's very kind of you yeah it doesn't matter really matter does it. Thanks x

  2. Tbh, I think all parents are like this it's just that not all like to admit it. Most of the photos you see on pinterest, Facebook, Twitter etc are only snippets of what people WANT you to see. I too have boards on pinterest for inspiration but the inspiration has never been strong enough to get me to sit down and actually do these things. I hate mess, I'm not creative and usually I am too busy. Like you said, the most important thing is that they know they are loved and for what it's worth my son also goes to school with a ham sandwich in his lunch box every day ;-)

    Visiting from #bestandworst

  3. Your best is all you can do - we mums put so much pressure on ourselves but just remember you are doing a brilliant job! x

  4. Parenting is a job where you never reach the top of your game because there is no top and juggling lots of children makes it harder! I feel just like you and the kids tell me off for being late into the room for plays and standing at the back! But at least you are there with all the love for them and that is what really counts. #Sharewithme

  5. I learned quite early on that competitive parenting would be the end of me. I am not a great Mum, I am a good enough mum and that is perfect for my kids

  6. Sounds like all of us parents. It's impossible to do all the Pinterest things, there are simply not enough hours in the day. I have wanted to do Bento lunches but honestly its a battle just getting my son to eat different foods so all the sandwich cutters and pretty picks are still in the drawer. You sounds like a great mum to me xx

  7. You know the thing that comes through in all your pictures though? Fun! I bet your children will remember that more than anything else! :)

  8. You sound like the best kind of mum to me! I think if you love food or style or books and that passion is reflected in an element of your parenting that's cool but when EVERYTHING is perfect it makes me question who it's all for sometimes x

  9. Just about every category you have mentioned here put me in mind of one blogger or another who does that one thing particularly well. That also makes us feel the need to put pressure on ourselves to be more like them but actually, as long as our kids are happy and know we love them and aren't afraid to be a bit spontaneous sometimes then I reckon we're not doing too bad a job. X #sharewithme

  10. All that matters is your children at the end of the day. I don't think that putting pressure on ourselves is helpful at all as we are all just doing our best. As for the Instagram / Pinterest photos- what the camera captures may look like perfection but don't kid yourself for a moment that there isn't holy chaos reigning behind the camera! If you're doing your best then you're doing good enough - and that's what you can be proud of when you are tucking your kids in at night. x

  11. You are a great mum and also sound a bit like me.....I always imagined myself being the mum that you have written about but realistically trying to do all of that is so not happening. I just enjoy being a mum and letting my kids be kids and be led by them. Lovely post and thanks for linking up to the #bestandworst :-) x

  12. I love this post so very real!

  13. I can relate so much hun. Love this post and feel like it could be something I would write too. I always wanted to be that kind of mom too and I feel failing sometimes when I am not. But like you said we are good parents and doing our best. Just look how happy our kiddos are! Proof is on their face and in their hearts. Thanks for linking up to Share With Me blog hop. I hope you have enjoyed reading so many fab other blog posts and to see you again tomorrow for another great round of #sharewithme