Saturday 15 November 2014

The diary of the last week 09th - 15th November

I decided to write a little diary of the week, just as a little reflection of our week. Now the weather is pulling in we do not tend to have as many adventures, with that here is our little stories that make one massive awesomeness!

Sunday 9th November

Today we went along to our church the kids enjoyed their little clubs and then went to tescos where they messed up our click and collect order so had to go through the till anyway good fun, got £10 of our shopping. The boys went home to watch Arsenal and me and Ami went to her friends frozen party. My poor friend Leanne had booked a Elsa who seemed to hate children it was hilarious I started shouting out "cheer up Elsa it might never happen!" my other friend told me off as I might make her cry.

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Monday 10th November

We had our little community group at our house where myself and some mums meet and support each other how in what ways we can. There was 4 mums and 8 tots under 3 good fun, Ami and her friend disappeared into the kitchen where we found them in the kitchen eating ceareal was very funny, We walked to school along the coast and saw a lovely rainbow then came home same old really.

Tuesday 11th November

I was on a long day where I did training for venna puncture and cannulation that was fun, being away from the family not so much. I decided to cycle all the way home in the rain actually enjoyed it till the seat broke and had to sit at a slant cycling!

Wednesday 12th November

Little Bear had his 12 month check at the local sure start centre, everything was fine and he is coming on well. Ami was not impressed as I told her there would be toys and there were none as we were in a little room! oops! Thankfully after we went to the soft play centre nearby where who should turn up as a surprise.. Daddy hurray! I think we were all pleased and he had taken the rest of the day of to help me out with after school clubs and all the jazz of our busy Wednesdays. We have not spent much time together lately so it was lovely.

Thursday 13th November
Another Long day for me leaving for work on a dodgy bike. Had a text to say Little bear was poorly and I just wanted to go home but still had millions of hours left till hometime. He did perk up and before I knew it 13 hours flew by and I was cycling home. Also on my way home fell of my bike and grazed my leg, some local youths witnessed and shouted do it again! I just picked my shopping up that had fallen out the basket on my bike and cycled home quickly shame intact (not)

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Friday 14th November

Dressed the little ones in pudsey gear to join in with Children in need as forgot about it for Pants school, thankfully he did not have a fancy dress day. We had a chilled out morning then decided to go to my eldest sons school church service which was eventful. Ami spent the whole time before excited as she was going to a different church then spent ages waiting to see Pants, when she finally saw him she shouted out "thats my brother" and he replied "Dont embarrass me!" good sport he is! She saw her cousin who gave her a high five. We then had to leave the church as Ami was shouting "I dont like this church" and Little bear had a bad cough so we popped into the babies nursery to buy some cakes for Children in need. We got Pants from school and went home they wanted to play lego and it got everywhere! Still finding it now Little bear who is 1 on Monday took great joy in throwing it all over the floor! Then babies did not stop crying so they went to bed early and me and Pants watched Children in Need, Pants found it sad and cried a few times.

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Saturday 15th November

The babies got up at 6 and as much as my poor eyes needed more sleep I was forced up. Ami went of to wake Pants who did not realise I was awake and took her downstairs so I could sleep a bit longer, he even closed my door the sweetie. He then (a bit later) had a football match where his team won 14 nil. He also got man of the match and played well. We then went to another party and Pants went of with his grandad as he find toddler parties rather dull. We waited for Daddy to come home from being away with work and had a family Chinese.

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  1. What a lovely idea to share your week in pictures, looks like you had a great seven days x

  2. Oh wow what a great idea to note down all the amazing things you have done each week and wow you have been busy - such cute photos :)

    Laura x

  3. Aww thanks for sharing! What an eventful cycling week lol - hope you didn't get injured falling off! 'I don't like this church!' Ha ha bless her! Awesome #sundayroundup

  4. Great pictures, wow your school run is amazing! #Sundayroundup x

  5. What a busy week you've had! Love the documenting it with pictures :)

  6. Goodness! What a busy week. Love all the pictures :)

  7. Ha ha! A children's entertainer that hates children?! Surely the clue is in the name? x