Monday 17 November 2014

OXO TOT Sippy Cup Review

Ami and Little bear have been reviewing the Oxo sippy cup that is suitable from 6 months and comes in four parts. I like the handles mainly because they look rather funky and trendy. The handles come off to help transition your toddler/ baby from a beaker to a cup. The cups are BPA, pthalate and pvc free meaning a safe product for your little ones. It has a leak proof valve to prevent spills also be comfortable too. We have never used oxo tot products usually the price tag puts me off but after trying this cup I am converted.

For Ami the cup helps her increase her confidence with using a cup, she can use a cup but sometimes is a bit heavy handed. She prefers her handles on but hopefully soon we can keep them of. Little bear just loves to be like his big sister and laughs alot because he feels like he is being a big boy drinking from a cup. Little bear had been teething so has been chomping on the teeth to try and relieve the pain in his gums.

My two have loved their cups and often are found swapping or mainly when Ami finished hers and wants some more drink. The cup comes apart easily and cleans really well. The best bit it can be put in the top rack of the dishwasher. We have had little spills with the cup only really when the sippy lid is on. I will take the handles of when Ami uses the cup in that way to prevent spills.

The quality of this cup is absolutely one of the best we have come across. I would recommend it to anyone looking for their own baby's' first cup or even toddlers. To buy this cup it is priced at £10.21 a little bit more than others but worth the extra price for the quality. Use OXO's Store locator to find out where your nearest store is that sells OXO Tot products. 

Disclaimer: We were sent these cups in return for a review, all views and photos are my own. 


  1. I love Oxo Tot products, they are always so well made and do the job well. Thans for linking up with #TriedTested

  2. I love the bright colours and clear middle #Tried&Tested