Monday 24 November 2014

Me and You - November

Life sure is busy I keep on forgetting to get a photo of the two of us each month. Our time together is mainly watching a film we rarely get time the two of us and we need it, we miss it. Its just a bit hard sometimes people are not so happy to look after three children so much or we could ask family but we do not because we have exhausted them with asking for them to watch them whilst we are working. So here we are a catch 22 postition whilst we find out feet working wise we have to make the most of nights watching a film or having dinner just the two of us.

I would love nothing better than a night away just the two of us somewhere where we could go out for dinner and have a lie in. Not worry about sorting kids clothes out or milk or being forced to watch Peppa pig. A chance for us to have a laugh like we used too, a chance for romance that can be so easily lost. I shall keep on hinting to my husband maybe one day, I can dream!

So here is my photo sorry I have copped out with an instagram photo but technology was failing me tonight. 

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dear beautiful

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