Sunday 23 November 2014

Beer 52 Review and Coupon - A dads view

As a bloggers Husband you can get many perks, nights to sit a play fifa without the wife nagging for you to put on a romantic film, someone the wife can nag too other than you (I am always listening darling) and the occasional Beer at home.

Beer you say! Yes Beer! My wife told me she was going to get some beers for me to try I nearly fell of my chair. Usually its baby stuff and I nod and smile whilst she tells me about the latest fad thing but beer is more on my level. So with that here is my Review of Beer 52, a monthly beer subscription service.

I usually have a few beers throughout the week often drinking the same old types (not Stella). I am not some kind of heavy drinker just like to chill with a nice cold one from the fridge. I was looking forward to trying so new types of beer so when the box came I was like a kid at Christmas and ripped open the box before taking a picture of the box.

The box contained 8 beers all packaged so well there had been no spillages in the post, could have been disastrous if it had disastrous and a little funny. The selection was good and plenty of different types from Ale to Lager. I was surprised at the different variations and had a fun few nights trying out the different types of beer. I often tend to stick to the same types and don't shoot me love a lager shandy.

The great thing about beer 52 is that its only £24 a month with free delivery and each set of 8 is picked by expert beer tasters what could be better. I have tried all off the beers some in which I would never liked to try again. The Blonde Beer sure looked nice but sure was bitter and not what I was used to in a beer. I love a fruity beer and would have loved to have seen one off those in this selection. Maybe I need to man up a bit and drink it oat my chest and crack open another one!

 As much as I love beer this has been interesting for me I know I will stick to my normal beer but has been fun trying the different types. For Ale drinker this would make a perfect gift. These boxes come in at £24 a month which includes free delivery. Check out Beer 52 website for more info.

You can get £10 of your first box by using this code:


Ideal Christmas Present for a beer drinker I think. I shall pass you back to the wife for more on baby and kids stuff. 


Matt x

P.S - The wife took the pictures as I would have forgotten.


  1. Looks like you are really enjoying all the beer, glad you got something you liked.

  2. What a perfect idea for Beer Lovers especially those who like a variety of different beers!

    Laura x x x

  3. No way, you got to review beer?? Unbelievable! These look fab, hubby will be green with envy when I tell him! :)

  4. This is something my fella would love....I might look into this for my dad for Christmas x

  5. Always a bonus when the husband gets a good review to do! I think this would have earned some serious brownie points in my house too :)
    Thanks for linking up with #TriedTested this week x