Sunday 16 November 2014

Happy Birthday 1st Little Bear

A whole year we have had the privilege of having you in ours lives. A whole year we have been a family of five. A whole year of being stretched and pulled in so many ways. A whole year of our hearts growing even more full of love for our little family.

Born at 3:14am on a Sunday after a two hour labour, my first water birth. I found that to be a little scary but worth while to have you in my arms. You were born alert and  so knowing already. 

At ten days old you were admitted into hospital with bronchiolitis and had to have a NG tube in. Mummy could not feed you or hold you for two days. It was hard to be stuck in a room for 5 days with only a few visits. My husband could not ever come for long as Ami was only 15months she did not understand she just wanted to play in the room with all the toys. Whilst you were in hospital you smiled your first smile at 2 weeks old I will never forget it. Thankfully you got alot better and we could finally go home.

1 month - A month of being a mum of three, you hated being nude and liked to wear clothes. You were bashed alot by a older sister but she loved you all the same. You slept all over the place and often would always be attached to mummy.

2 months - You started to sleep a little longer still not great but having you older sister a year before she slept through very young it was hard not to compare. 

3 months - You and Daddy used to chat away you thought he was the funniest person ever. You loved to he held and cried when people put you down. You like to stand up and found your hands moving away from that little newborn baby. 

4 months  - You learned to sit up I think you found it safer to watch Ami. You never liked lying on the floor always liked to be upright. you started to take a bottler at last but still fed all day long.

5 months - You started to take a dummy at last hurrah! Now you liked to be sat up all the time and would cry anytime you were laid on the floor. You went swimming for the first time and loved it.

6 months -  you loved to be in the nude and are very happy. You love food and enjoy feeding yourself. You finally slept through this month huzzah! 6 months in is how we coped with 3 children.

7 months - This month you finally learnt to roll and were nearly there crawling. You loved to stand and thought it was the funniest thing ever, You did not like the beach and would cry all the time but loved to be on the grass. You loved to be around people and hated to be indoors. 

8 months -  You learned to crawl backwards in which made you very frustrated, but then you got it and then could go forwards. You learned to pull yourself up and found it the funniest thing ever.

9 months - This month you became really clingy and would cry at strangers. You would cry if you saw someone eating. You learned to love the beach and spending days outside.

10 months - an exciting month you learned to walk and wen ton your first holiday. You finally liked the water and enjoyed a bit of swimming. You started nursery this month and loved to follow Ami everywhere. 

11 months - Another exciting month we moved house and you finaly got your own room. You are alot more happier since moving and love to climb any thing. You have learned so much here is a little list dancing, clapping, running, climbing, hiding, following and loads more its been fun.

You really have been a blessing and I can not believe this year has flown by. You have the sweetest nature and love cuddles this year has been awesome. Thanks for being our little Ray of sunshine.


  1. What a lovely post - Happy first Birthday! x

  2. Aww lovely post and happy birthday. They grow so fast! My little boy is 33 next week lol

  3. Ahhh how lovely to break down the first year like this, a gorgeous post!!!

  4. What a wonderful look back at a first year. I wish I had been blogging when mine were this age. A very happy 1st birthday to you.

  5. Aww! How adorable! Happy First Birthday little one x

  6. What a lovely post with some very adorable pics! A big Happy Birthday to your lovely little bear :) hope you all have a very lovely day!

  7. The pictures are so adorable. Happy 1st Birthday little bear! :) x

  8. aww what a lovely idea! these pictures are sooo sweet!! Big happy birthday!! :) Take a look at my post i did today if you have the time! :)

  9. Hello there, what a lovely post and gorgeous photos-happy birthday! x #magicmoments

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