Tuesday 23 September 2014

Me and You - September

Sorry I am a bit late to join up this month. 
Becoming a working mumma I am a  a bit all over the place, but I got here in the end. 

This was me and my hubby in holiday in France. 
A rare moment no children and sunshine.
 These were not the best few but I spend my time taking pictures of the kids 
I leave ours till the last min. Or if I do at all. I must make an effort because I do love this man. 
He does make me laugh alot and often makes me feel like I have 4 children but he has a heart of gold. Which often I do not see and moan at him when he is just trying to help. 
This month I have had a bit of a shake, I realised how selfish I have become in what I expect and trying to change that. So far its worked out great but we move next week so time will tell how that goes. 

dear beautiful

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